Latta, Swartz race for Ohio’s 5th Congressional District

PUTNAM COUNTY — The U.S. House Ohio District 5 is represented by Congressman Bob Latta (R). In the coming election, Latta will be running against Democratic candidate Craig Swartz. Following redistricting, the chosen candidate will serve a portion of Wood and Wyandot, Mercer, Van Wert, Paulding, Putnam, Henry, Hancock, Seneca, Crawford, Huron and Lorain Counties.

About the Candidates

Latta is a Bluffton native now living in Bowling Green who has served in the 5th District since 2007. The Congressman previously served in the Ohio State House of Representatives and the Ohio State Senate. He serves as a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce committee. He hopes to improve inflation, address energy and the border, nationwide broadband, decrease government spending and combat substance abuse.

Swartz is from just outside of Cleveland and now lives in Upper Sandusky. He has served in the banking, food and real estate industries. Swartz said his experience has helped him empathize with others. He hopes to advocate for fair wages, better infrastructure, public education, LGBTQ rights and reproductive healthcare.


Latta said that he has been blessed to serve the 5th District of Ohio. If re-elected he hopes to address inflation.

“We have lots of challenges facing us as a nation; one is inflation,” said Latta. “It is because of out-of-control spending. When you go back to when president Biden was inaugurated inflation was at 1.4 % right now it stands at around 8.2%, hurting Americans. People that got pay raises in the last year, it has been totally wiped out. We have to go out and help the American people. It affects everyone.”

If elected to take hold of the seat, Swartz also wants to focus on inflation. He hopes to address the many concerns of the 5th district. In doing so he wants to implement an All-American Act. Swartz shared more of his vision.

“This is the first tax act in the history of this country,” said Swartz, “whereby the first $36,000 of everyone’s income (retirees included) would be federally tax-free. That would mean a $300 to $400 bump in everyone’s paycheck. Instead of having a single tax return every year, you are getting that extra money every month. That will help people working those $18 per-hour jobs. They will get that extra money and it will help pay for your rent, gas and everything else.”


Latta has served not only in the Committee for Energy and Commerce, but he also serves in the Communications and Technology Subcommittee. He hopes to improve access to the internet across the nation.

“One of the things we are working on is getting more broadband,” said Latta. “This was demonstrated during COVID. There were a lot of kids who could not their homework. We want to make sure we get broadband across the country. I have also worked on robocall legislation because we all know how disturbing that is with the scams associated. Those are some things I’m working on in the subcommittees to make sure we get things done out there.”

Swartz believes the All-American Act will be a tool to combat a recession. In addition to the new act, he plans to implement a new national infrastructure bank. The National Infrastructure Bank Act was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2021. The act will not carry over into the new congressional year, Swartz plans to re-introduce it if elected.

“This will be an institution using private money to fund public purposes,” said Swartz. “We have done this before in our history and we could do it again. This would mean in every county and in every state projects could be done.”

According to the congressional bill summary, the bank would provide loans to private and public entities for financing or development.

Future hopes

Latta said he hopes to continue to serve and meet the needs of the people.

“I am a firm believer that I have to be in my district so I am out constantly having meetings,” said Latta. “The best way to do your job is to see what is happening out there. I spend my time making sure we have good constituent services out there. On the legislative side, in Washington making sure we are getting things done not only for the people in the 5th District in Ohio, but for the entire nation.”

Swartz hopes to not only address the economy but the future of the United States.

”The forefront of everyone’s mind right now is where are we headed,” said Swartz. “This is not an ordinary midterm. This is a reform of the direction of our country. I really believe what we have seen happen in the last 20 years is a lot of misconceptions, misinformation, divisiveness, fear and people preying on that kind of fear and further dividing our country. We have to be expanding our rights, respect each other’s privacy and accept people for who they are. We have gotten very far away from that and that is what I am fighting for.”


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