Wilson: ’Getting things done’

ST. MARYS — Democratic House of Representatives candidate Tamie Wilson spoke at the Auglaize County Democratic Dinner Thursday evening.

Wilson is running against Incumbent Jim Jordan for Congress in the coming November general election.

She was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. After marrying her high school love, she became a single mom creating a small business.

Wilson hopes to inspire others to do the same.

While at the dinner, Wilson focused on what she plans to do in Washington D.C.

”I support the Second amendment,” said Wilson. “I am a very moderate candidate. I support the police. I believe in police reform. I am writing a bill on police reform. I call it ‘support the police.’”

Wilson shared she is currently writing three bills before the November election.

Wilson hopes to make Ohio better.

”I want to make America safer,” added Wilson. “Violence is a big part of my platform. Domestic terroism is growing. Domestic violence is still allowed. There are actual programs that help men learn a lifestyle that does not incorporate violence.”

In addition to the ‘Support the Police’ bill, Wilson is creating an immigration bill and a cyber security bill.

“Ohio is one of only nine states that gets funding for domestic violence,” added Wilson. “We only get $1 million dollars. That is insane. Pennsylvania gets $11 million. Domestic violence is non-discriminatory. This is why we need more women in office.”

Wilson plans to begin addressing domestic violence by educating the youth and creating healthier children.

Sophia Rodriguez joined Wilson at the dinner. Rodriguez is the Democratic candidate who will be running to become the 84th Statehouse District Representative for Ohio. The new district will encompass Darke County, Mercer County and the southern border of Auglaize County.

Rodriguez will be running against Republican candidate Angela King in the November election.

”For our district the lake is very important,” said Rodriguez. “Secondly, our farmers are very important. We want to make sure are farmers are set up for success and we are helping them become successful.”

Rodriguez reminded community members that she is running to represent the underrepresented community in Columbus.

For more information visit TamieWilson.com and ElectSophia.com.