Land transfers, Aug. 25-31

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 25 through 31. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Albeer Construction Inc. to Gulf Coast Partners LLC, 515 W. McKibben St., Lima, $115,000

Attar, Ali Essa to McVicker, Madison L, 1024 Woodland Drive, Lima, $151,000

Brand, Jason/Brand, Penny Marie to Points, Ronda/Points, Carla, 412 W. Murphy St. and 1002 W. High St., Lima, $76,000

Brand, Penny Marie/Brand, Jason to Points, Ronda/Points, Carla, 910 E. Vine St., Lima, $25,000

Calvert, April J Et Al/Calvert, Jason W/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole, 1117 Hill St., Lima, $4,500

CLS Par LLC/Crothall Services Group to Cleaves Property Holdings, LLC, 1010 and 1019 E. High St., East North Street and East Market Street, Lima, $250,000

Duron, Shirley Ann to Urbana Ohio Investor Group 2 LLC, 1155 Franklin St., Lima, $10,000

Estelle, Latia/Estelle, Lula to Morning, Devin, 901 Holmes Ave., Lima, $9,000

God’s Place Ministries to Stahl, Michael, 562 W. Spring St., Lima, $52,500

Harruff, Kimberly Executor/Harruff, Phyllis Lou Decd to Bresler, James M, 2831 Chapel Hill Drive, Lima, $235,000

Hollinger, Matthew R/Hollinger, Shawnda to Ingle, Ben/Ingle, Nicole, 576 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $80,000

King, Tia M to King, Drew, 805 Cornell Drive, Lima, $110,000

Ludwig, Ashley N to Johnson, Olympia M, 519 Haller St., Lima, $110,000

Martin, Sasha to Lyons, Brock, 2209 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $139,000

Mayer, Lori to Mayer, Joshua A, 2762 W. Elm St., Lima, $20,000

Moore, John E Sr/Moore, Karen L to Kosman, Russell Paul, 1053 N. Union St., Lima, $84,000

Pierson, Myckel Angela Successor Trustee/William H Pierson And Anna L Pierson Revocable Living Trust to Taste Ann’s LLC, 609 E. 4th St., Lima, $40,000

Reynolds, Lukathryn to Perkins, Leann, 902 E. 2nd St., Lima, $22,600

Sarven, Brian C/Sarven, Jill to Fought, Robert J/Fought, Melissa A, 1031 N. Main St., Lima, $15,000

Savvy Capital, LLC to Brown, Jesse, 21, 23, 24, 29 and 30 Superior Court, Lima, $40,000

Schmitt, Eric to Tooker, Steven R, 1321 Melrose St., Lima, $159,500

Snider, Tina M to Delish Homes, LLC, 1424 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $232,600

That Offer Express, Ltd to Barhorst, Hailie, 172 S. Perry St., Lima, $50,000

Valenti, Angela to Hill, Gregory, 110-112 Harrison Ave., Lima, $85,000

Waller, Carmela M to Waller, Dana M, 328 S. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $43,700

Waters, Randy/Waters, Nichole to Brown, Jesse, 605 S. Scott St., Lima, $16,000

Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC to Copeland, Marcus E, 630 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $145,000


Reed, Tami Sue to Arrowood, Anthony W/Arrowood, Elizabeth J, 7202 and 7162 Spencerville Road (2.5 acres and 1 acre), Lima, $344,900


Altenburger, Thomas W/Buettner, Denise Attorney-In-Fact/Brown, Sarah K Attorney-In-Fact to Fields, Calvin/Fields, Ronalda F, 1641 Whitehall Drive, Lima, $160,000

Bradley, Debra K to Ault, Jackie F, 3181 Diller Road (0.6 acre), Lima, $152,000

Thomas S Meehan Properties, LLC to Parker, Mona L, 2275 N. Cable Road, No. 216, Lima, $68,000

Kaser, Christine M Trustee/Christine M Kaser Living Trust to Great Sites Lima, LLC, 4560 Allentown Road, Lima, $95,000

Kistler, Darrel K/Kistler, Elizabeth A to Boysell, Kayla A, North Wapak Road (3.8 acres), Lima, $85,000

Oravitz, Jeffrey J/Oravitz, Cynthia J to Panda, LLC, 576 Honeysuckle Bend, $68,000

Stechschulte, Ross to Breitigan, Jared A, 1800 Arlington Drive, Lima, $145,000


Dawson, Sharon L to Douglas, Lisa G, 6060 S. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $65,000

Morris, Mindy/Morris, Donald John to Roberts, Nolan, 4285 Hay Road (2.5 acres), Harrod, $145,000


Benchic, Renea L/Benchic, Andrew B to Augsburger, Tanya/Augsburger, Randal, 1372 Lutz Road, Lima, $190,000

Boulis, Chad M/Boulis, Angela K to Bensman, James/Bensman, Sandra, 2041 Slabtown Road (1 acre), Lima, $364,500

Cramer, Gary L to MJ & Sons Properties, LLC, 3295 and 3305 Harding Highway, Lima, $225,000

Fagan, Michael T/Fagan, Carly to Kremer, Nathan, 425 Fenway Drive, Lima, $197,000

Good, Brianna M to Good, Kirstan Jenae, 695 E. Robb Ave., Lima, $82,400

Klett, Kevin/Wireman, Michelle to Coburn, Delbert L/Coburn, Audrey, 723 E. Williams St., Lima, $53,000

Mosley, Noah W/Mosley, Savannah to Callahan, Morgan, 707 Ward Ave., Lima, $130,000

Welsch, Jamie L/Welsch, Troy to Jones, Trent S/Jones, Kylee, 154 Carlos Lane, Lima, $335,000


Barnes, Leslie Marie to Gruetter, Paul A/Gruetter, Joy E, 172 Garmatter and Eugro Court, Bluffton, $239,900


COT Pizza RE LLC to Calaycay Family Limited Partnership, 133 E. Fifth St., Delphos, $1,485,000

Staples, Nathan to Messer, Brett M/Ward, Samantha L, 469 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $139,000

Swick, David V to Vonderembse, Lisa Kay/Schwark, Cory Dale, 626 E. 5th St., Delphos, $135,000


Hayes, Cynthia J to Blue Chip Housing, LLC, 4710 Amaryllis St., Elida, $195,000

Heil, Michael James/Heil, Joyce Ann to Nickles, Laura R, 5658 Clover Ridge Drive, Elida, $242,900

Kirk, Fusako Y/Kirk, James Robert Attorney In Fact to Kirk, Austin, 111 Henry St., Elida, $110,200

Shoup, Anthony L/Shoup, Shirley D to Baker, Aaron M/Baker, Angela F, 20252 Morning Glory Drive, Elida, $240,000


Mihlbaugh, Michael Patrick/Battle, Leslie K to Plaugher, Nathan Allen, Harding Highway (14 acres), Lima, $95,000

Shindeldecker, Robert D to Winner, Timothy, Swaney Road (58 acres), (half interest), Harrod, $127,600

Stauffer, W Phillip to Winner, Timothy, Swaney Road (58 acres) (five-twelfth interest), Harrod, $127,600

Turner, Sandra J Executor/Estate Of Mary Elizabeth Roberts-Stauffer to Winner, Timothy, Swaney Road (58 acres), (one-twelfth interest), Harrod, $127,600


German, Thomas L/German, Virginia R to German, Chad A Co-Trustee/Stiffey, Michelle M Co-Trustee/Thomas and Virginia German Irrevocable Trust, 6570 W. State Road, Lima, $179,000


Boyles, David S/Boyles, Linda L to Stechschulte, Logan J, Olt Road (38.1 acres), Columbus Grove, $381,200

Kiracofe, James R/Kiracofe, Misty to Strayer, Benton C/Strayer, Kelsey M, 5407 Rockport Road (2.6 acres), Columbus Grove, $121,500

Shafer, E Kraig to Shafer, Andrew J/Shafer, Allison, Hillville Road (2.5 acres), Lima, $7,300


Chaney, Marion to Criollo, Danessa I, East 13th St., Lima, $1,200

Tar Land, LLC to Hibbard, Craig/Hibbard, Valerie, 2468 Greely Chapel Road, Lima, $1,000

Tar Land, LLC to Hibbard, Craig/Hibbard, Valerie, 2470 Greely Chapel Road (1.5 acres), Lima, $122,000


Buchanan, Stephanie Ann Lucas/Buchanan, Greg to Johnson, Bryan L/Johnson, Robyn F, 1363 W. Shore Drive, Lima, $230,000

Gremling, Noelle Administrator/Estate Of Sandra K Selvaggio to Gearing, Blaine, 3570 Redbud Lane, Lima, $115,000

Schimpf, Michael J/Schimpf, Sandra D to Reed, Tami S, 1346 Timberlane Drive, Lima, $300,000

Sutton, Mark K/Rodgers, Gailya P/Cook, Malissa/Cook, Jamie/Cook, John Michael/Cook, Robert David/Cook, Barbra/Cook, Lori/Cook, Matthew to Bodine, Russell E/Bodine, Earl, 2995 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $55,000


Troyer, Craig L/Troyer, Cynthia L to Troyer, Cheryl, Sherrick Road (3.6 acres), $11,800

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