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Christine Flowers: Abortion never ceases to be an issue


I’m sure that regular readers of this column think all I ever talk about, write about, ruminate on and care about is abortion.

Christine Flowers: Contrasting two protests in the cradle of liberty


It’s always good when people take time out of their busy schedules to protest what they believe to be an injustice.

Christine Flowers: Are we slowly drifting back into ‘the twilight zone’?


When you have the beginning of a cold, nothing sparkly to wear and you really hate New Year’s, you watch television. If a certain station has the good sense to run a marathon of vintage Twilight Zone episodes, your choice is made from the moment you hear “doo dee da doo, doo dee da doo” coming from what you think is your flat screen-but which could, in fact, originate from another planetary system.

Christine Flowers: In 2022, SCOTUS righted a grave wrong


I generally hate year-in-review columns. They seem forced, like a list of things you must buy at the grocery store. Check this off, and then this, and we did this, and I need that, and we are out of this, and can we have extra of that, etc. Years blend into each other and it’s often hard to pick exceptional events, particularly since the same things seem to happen over and over again: Wars start and continue, and we think they end, and then they’re prolonged.

Christine Flowers: Pennsylvania court exonerates Christopher Columbus statue


It’s still in the box, hidden from the triggered gaze. The only ones who know what lies inside the wooden slabs painted in the Italian flag colors are indigenous to Philadelphia, pun intended. It is the statue of an Italian icon, Christopher Columbus, a piece of public art that sat undisturbed for more than 40 years in its current location at the southern end of Broad Street on Marconi Plaza.

Flowers: Three pillars of progressive philosophy


In the smoldering wake of what can only be called a Republican debacle, many pundits much better schooled in politics and history weighed in with their opinions on what happened.