Pacquiao looks for comeback title fight against Barrios

TOKYO — Manny Pacquiao said Monday that a title fight against Mario Barrios is in the works, with details still being negotiated.

Pacquiao, a former world champion who retired in 2021, spoke in Japan on Monday to promote a three-round boxing exhibition on July 28 against Japanese MMA fighter Chihiro Suzuki.

“We’re still in under negotiation,” the 45-year-old Pacquiao said of the possible Barrios fight for the WBC welterweight title. “And, we’re talking about that. The fight is not materialized yet. But that negotiation is ongoing.”

He hinted any eventual fight would be in November or December. But he said his mind was on Suzuki.

“I just want to say to everybody. This is not an exhibition. This is a fight, a three-round fight,” Pacquiao said. “We will be looking for a knockout for this fight. So you better watch, and it’s going to be a lot of action in the ring. And, of course, I’ll do my best to win by knockout. Thank you.”

Pacquiao lost in the run for the presidency of the Philippines in 2022.

His career boxing record is 62 wins (39 KOs), 8 losses and 2 draws.

Suzuki knows he is up against a legend.

“In a way this is a challenge for me,” he said. “It’s a real honor to be able to fight against someone who has made history, so I will face him with respect. For me, it’s one of the biggest challenges of my life and a test that I have to overcome.”