Deadline approaching to submit property value challenge

LIMA — Allen County Auditor Rachael Gilroy is reminding property owners in the county that the deadline to challenge the value assessed to their property is 4:30 p.m. Monday. An overestimated property value could impact the amount of property taxes owed to the county.

“The important thing for homeowners to remember is they need to have evidence,” Gilroy said. “The burden of proof is on the homeowner to show us why the value should be lower. Is it that the interior condition of the house has really disintegrated? Are there things that need done? Is there a hole in the back roof of the section that we didn’t know about? Just let us know what is going on with the property.”

According to Gilroy, photographs can be valuable as evidence, but an appraisal performed by a licensed appraiser, not a realtor, would be a better way to demonstrate a property value is too high.

Any challenges should be made to the Allen County Board of Revision. Complaints can be taken to the auditor’s office. For more information on the complaint process and the forms needed to submit the complaint, go to