Lima Memorial Health System

March 23 — Melissa and Jared Scott, Continental, boy. Megan and Branden Fetter, Lima, girl.

March 20 —Takyrah McVay, Lima, girl.

March 17 —Laura and Mark Kahle, Dublin, boy.

March 15 —Jessica Warnock, Cridersville, boy. Desiree Cheatom and Javaris Newton, Lima, girl.

Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center

March 23 — Christina Hilyard and Quinten Louis, Rawson, boy. Dana and Bradley Racer, Ottawa, boy. Raina Reams and Parker Patchett, Lima, boy. Claire and Billy Taflinger, Lima, girl. Kara and Christopher Looser, Middle Point, girl and boy (twins).

March 24 — Ashlynn and Daron Showalter, Grover Hill, boy.