Snider honored after 60 years of service

LIMA — After decades of service, employee Carol Snider retired in February on the date of her 60th year of employment with the City of Lima. Snider served in the city with five mayors, working in various departments. On Thursday afternoon, the City of Lima honored Snider with an official proclamation. Snider was joined by staff members and close family for her send-off. Mayor Sharetta Smith declared March 16 will be Carol Snider day in the city.

Smith weighed in on Snider’s service to the city during the retirement party.

“It is unusual in this day and time for an individual to stay with one employer for as long as you did,” said Smith. “Your loyalty and commitment to the city and the citizens do not go unnoticed.”

According to the mayor’s proclamation, Snider began work for the city on Feb. 1, 1963. She reportedly worked in multiple departments including the Utilities Department, Field Services Division, Human Resources and the Auditor’s Department.

“I was totally shocked,” said Snider. “It was so nice of Sharetta.”

Snider said she served with mayors Homer Cooper, Chris Morris, Gene Joseph, David Berger and Sharetta Smith.

After years of service, Snider recalled one fond memory of befriending a co-worker whose mother happened to be a close friend of her own mother. Snider plans to enjoy her retirement with family and by playing bingo.

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