St. Paul asking for help collecting disaster bucket items

WAPAKONETA — St. Paul United Church of Christ in Wapakoneta is collecting items for disaster buckets to be distributed for natural disasters.

The buckets, which the Church World Service organization will handle, should contain supplies including a 4 to 8-ounce pump spray air freshener, five scouring pads, seven sponges, one scrub brush, 18 dry cleaning towels, one or two bottles of liquid laundry detergent, one bottle of liquid disinfectant dish soap, one bottle of liquid concentrate household cleaner, one package of clothespins, one clothesline, five dust masks, two pairs of dishwashing gloves, one pair of work gloves, 20 to 28 heavy duty trash bags, ad one bottle of non-aerosol insect repellent.

The church is asking neighbors to donate enough supplies to fill an entire trailer or two. To contribute, drop off supplies, completed buckets or monetary donations to the church on S. Perry Street in Wapakoneta. For additional information, call the church office at 419-738-2215.