Allen County bridges to get load limits

LIMA — Allen County Commissioners approved the posting of three bridge load limits Thursday morning.

“It is a result of some advanced deterioration that had occurred and other bridges,” said Karhoff. “We have been going through a more advanced software towards rating the bridges and the ratings are more accurate. That is a reason for some of the postings,” said Bridge Engineer Doug Karhoff.

Faulkner Road Bridge between Johnstown and Bowdle Roads in Auglaize Township will now have load limit signage, with limits ranging from 15 tons for a 2-axle vehicle to 28 tons for a 6+ axle vehicle.

Pevee Road Bridge between Reservoir and Lafayette Roads in Jackson Township will be limited ranging from 9 tons for a 2-axle vehicle to 17 tons for a 6+ axle vehicle.

Beeler Road Bridge between Hume and Bowsher Roads in Shawnee Township will be limited to 15 tons for a 2-axle vehicle and 23 tons for a 3-axle vehicle.

”Faulkner and Pevee were largely due to more deterioration found in recent inspections,” added Karhoff. “Beeler was due to the rating software update.”

The load limit sign on the Swaney Road bridge between Sugar Creek Road and Lincoln Highway in Richland Township will be removed, however, after structural improvements were recently finished on that bridge.