Lima Police Department hosts trunk or treat

LIMA — Over 60 businesses partnered with the Lima Police Department to host a trunk or treat at Lima Senior on Saturday afternoon. The high school parking lot was full of community members and their children lined up to receive candy.

LPD hosted its first annual trunk or treat to engage with the local community. Businesses from all over were invited to participate in the event. Each business parked in a spot with its trunk open and ready to pass out candy.

Some decorated the inside of their trunks to celebrate the holiday.

Local businesses such as a local DJ and Coca-Cola joined in.

DJ Strange dressed as Doctor Strange to play music and engage with the children.

“I have been DJ’ing for 10 years,” said AJ Meyers (DJ Strange). “I am passing out candy and playing music for the kids.” He said he has enjoyed being a DJ and hopes to continue.

Coca-Cola brought their truck and special guest, the friendly polar bear.

“We brought our famous Coca-Cola bear and one of our trucks,” said Kip Wohlganuth. “We wanted to connect with the community and just bring the bear out. The kids absolutely love the bear and so do adults.”

Lima Fire Department Inspector Warren Pughsley joined the fun by being the voice behind a motorized fire safety dog. Pugsley used a remote control and headset to talk with the children reminding them to enjoy the fun.

The polar bear and the fire safety dog danced to the beat of the 2011 hit, “Party Rock Anthem.” No winner was determined from the dance battle but both animals had fun.

Children across the Lima area dressed as police officers, scarecrows, dinosaurs, and so much more.

A 3-year-old named Harper Long dressed as the Disney character Alice from Alice and Wonderland. This was not her first trunk or treat of the year. Harper was able to go to one other event in the community. Harper was accompanied by her great-aunt, Alice Diller, while her mom passed out candy.

“She has waved at everyone,” said Diller. “She became so excited when she saw other princesses.”

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