Manchester rallies Republicans before November election

LIMA — The November election is just two months away. With many candidates on the ballot, both the Republican and Democratic parties are advocating for their representatives to finish their races. Ohio state Rep. Susan Manchester, R-Waynesfield, spoke to the Republican party at a luncheon in Lima on Friday afternoon to encourage her cohorts to vote.

After winning the August primary for State Representative, Manchester has exchanged roles from campaigning to advocating for the Republican party.

“My main message now that the primaries are behind us is we have to focus on voting for Republicans in November,” said Manchester. “I think the distinction is very clear between the kind of future that we have to offer versus the future that the Democrats are offering.”

Manchester not only focused on encouraging members of the Republican party to vote but why she felt it is important for people to exercise their rights.

“Democrats want to redefine everything, from the meaning of being in recession to the meaning of what it means to be a man or a woman,” added Manchester. “Now more than ever it is time for Americans to say enough is enough. We are at a critical juncture for the future of our state. We must elect our Republican Supreme Court Justices Pat DeWine, Pat Fischer and Sharon Kennedy for Chief Justice. Now more than ever we understand the dangers of an activist supreme court. When Justice Kennedy was here to speak to us, I thanked her for standing up for us. She said I was not standing up for the legislature, I was standing up for the constitution.”

Manchester currently represents Ohio’s District 84 but will soon represent all of Allen County and part of northern Auglaize County as the 78th District after Ohio’s legislative redistricting goes into effect following the November election. Manchester recalled days of getting to know residents of the district.

“Throughout the campaign, we talked to a lot of people and an overwhelming amount of people are fed up,” said Manchester. “Inflation, gas prices and most importantly the Biden-Pelosi agenda in Washington, D.C. is destroying people’s morale. We have a lot of reasons to hope. I still believe America is the greatest country in the world. Allen County showed up big in the August primary and now it is important that we show up big in November.”