From trial to triumph

LIMA — In the face of any opposition, the hope is victory. Jennifer McBride has won just that. After overcoming a 71-day hospital stay due to COVID, Jennifer will now serve as the interim Clerk of Courts in Allen County.

Following the retirement of Margie Miller, Allen County Commissioners appointed McBride Thursday morning to fill the position. McBride, the legal department supervisor, will now serve in the position until a permanent Clerk of Courts is officially appointed.

The Clerk of Courts in Allen County is responsible for each record filed in the Allen County Common Pleas Court.

McBride has faithfully served in the Clerk of Court’s office for 25 years and appreciates the chance to continue to lead.

“I want to thank you all for the opportunity, hoping for no bumps in the road which is business as usual for Allen County,” said McBride. “With 25 years in the same office as the Clerk of Courts, I love that office and am honored and privileged to be appointed as interim. We are going to do a smooth transition. I feel we have a good reputation in Allen County and we will continue that and give the best customer service we can.”

The newly appointed interim exemplifies a true triumphant story. McBride survived COVID in June of 2021. While fighting, she often thought of her office.

”I was admitted into the hospital in April of 2021,” said McBride. “I was released in June 2021. For five of those weeks, I was on a ventilator. I fought hard to get back to the office. The office was truly on my mind and of course my family. I went to rehabilitation for a few more weeks following, then I was back.”

Allen County Commissioner Cory Noonan weighed in on the appointment of McBride Thursday morning.

”I want to thank Margie Miller for her service in Allen County,” said Cory Noonan. “Anytime we have an individual that can retire that is great. The Clerk’s office is very vital to the County. We have confidence in the office. Thank you, Jennifer.”

McBride will serve until a new Clerk of Courts is chosen by the Allen County Republican Party later in September to run in November’s general election, although the race will be unopposed.

“The appointment made by the Commissioners is temporary as an interim which is dictated by the Ohio Revised Code,” said Republican Chairman Keith Chaney. “The Allen County Republican Party will meet on September 8th. At that meeting, they will make an official appointment of an individual to serve as Clerk of Courts. They will be appointed to the ballot and as the official Clerk of Courts.”