EcoFashion on display at Santa Clara University

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Student models wearing recycled and reimagined clothing, and in some cases grocery bags, sauntered past audience members consisting of students, staff and faculty for the recent EcoFashion Show at Santa Clara University’s Locatelli Student Activities Center.

Designers and models from the university, with one designer being a staff member, created clothing from waste materials or clothes intended for the landfill. They were not allowed to spend any money. Fourteen different designs were shown by 16 designers.

They each named their designs such as “Shwasted,” made primarily of Trader Joe’s and Target bags designed by eight students, and modeled by two students, Quin Doughty and Billy Wagner. Another was named “denim on denim on denim,” designed by Michelle Chinn and modeled by Jeni Deneen.

Five judges picked winners in four categories: minimalist, high-end fashion, most imaginative and best overall. The audience chose “For the love of Denim” designed by Julianne Raman and modeled by Maise Clark as the fan favorite.

Best minimalist was won by “denim on denim on denim” designed by Michelle Chinn and modeled by Jeni Deneen. Best high-end fashion was won by “Forest Fairy” designed by Anna Truong and modeled by Ashley Treanor. “The Price You Pay” designed by Leticia Pereira and modeled by Pereira and Fabiola Fernandez, was named most imaginative. Best overall was won by “Asymmetrical Beauty” designed by Anna Truong and modeled by Jacqueline Thai.