‘Dragons’ show to bring fantasy to life in Lima

LIMA — Something straight out of fantasy will make its way to Lima Sunday afternoon.

“Dragons and Mythical Beasts,” a show featuring spectacular puppets, will take the Veterans Memorial Civic Center stage at 3 p.m. Sunday and it promises to be special for the entire family.

“We are always happy to be able to present quality programming for the entire family at a price the whole family can afford to attend,” said Civic Center CEO Abe Ambroza via email. “This show does an incredible job of letting your imagination take over and believe what it would be like to be in the same room as these larger-than-life imaginary creatures. I hope all in attendance — parents and kids — allow themselves to get lost in the artistry and creativity of this show.”

Among the beasts that families will be able to witness being brought to life during the show are a unicorn, a stone troll, a Japanese Baku and, of course, a dragon.

Writer and co-director Derek Bond said in a release that he wanted to create an experience based in mythology, but focused on more than just violence.

“I wanted to create a storyline that could show there are other heroic qualities, not just violence,” he said. “One that could make everyone in the audience feel like they’ve been on an adventure, and become a hero themselves.”

Bond, who directed the show with Laura Cubitt, called her a fantastic puppet and movement director.

“I might suggest a ‘beat’ of the story that we need to tell, and then we will break that down into the creature’s thoughts, and then Laura breaks that down into how the puppeteers should move the puppet,” he said. “Some of the puppets are like four blindfolded people all driving one car — one has the steering wheel, one has the accelerator, and so on — so you need someone to see the whole picture from the outside and give useful, clear information to the puppeteers.”

Bond said that he took inspiration for the show from properties he was obsessed with as a child, like “The Lord of the Rings,” “Dungeons and Dragons” and Norse mythology, and he hopes that the audience takes away a similar inspiration from his show.

“I hope that audiences feel inspired by it, maybe to create their own mythical creatures or to find out more about the myths behind the creatures in the show,” he said. “I hope it sparks imaginations, brings people together and encourages them to be kind to each other.”


WHAT: Dragons and Mythical Beasts

WHEN: 3 p.m. Sunday

WHERE: Veterans Memorial Civic Center, 7 Town Square, Lima.

Tickets start at $15 and are available at http://www.limaciviccenter.com.

Reach Jacob Espinosa at 567-242-0399.