Mark Figley: Beef becomes next target of liberals

Since the onset of Joe Biden’s sham economy, the cost of living has risen nearly 18%. Yet more uplifting news is headed America’s way as cattle production has hit its lowest level in over 70 years.

John Boyd Jr., president of the national Black Farmers Association, recently reported that the U.S. is producing one billion fewer pounds of beef than it did just a year ago. He warns that consumers are going to pay a very steep price very soon.

Boyd blames who else but the Biden administration. Under sleepy Joe, operating costs for farmers have increased by a mere $100 billion. Yet government officials have ignored all the warning signs as farmers continue to feel the pinch.

Just how bad is it? The U.S. Dairy Association‘s biannual Cattle Inventory Report showed that America’s cattle totaled 87.2 million head as of Jan. 1, 2024. This was a 2% reduction from 2023 and the lowest number since 1951.

Persistent drought over the last three years, along with higher input costs and inflation have made for the perfect storm. This has led farmers to slaughter more cattle, including more cows that are responsible for replenishing America’s beef supply.

This could all lead to record meat prices in 2024 and beyond. Beef already sold for an average of $5 per pound in 2023. Making matters worse, only four meat-packing companies exist in the U.S. One is American-owned, two others by Brazil and one by China. These plants have completely cornered the beef market and conveniently control the supply chain.

Then, add in the fact that 10,000 cattle are dead as a result of the horrific Texas wildfires which burned over 1 million acres of grasslands. All this has placed many U.S. farmers in literal survivor mode. An untold number may ultimately be driven from business. Is this all simple coincidence?

While the situation threatens to only get worse, he primary concerns of Biden and his progressive friends at the World Economic Forum and United Nations lie with cow flatulence and the warming of the planet vs. supporting farmers or feeding the hungry masses.

They worry that 30% of greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture and farming. These globalist worrywarts are determined to remake society, where meat is a thing of the past, and people will consume insects and plant-based alternatives. It matters not that many may starve or die in the process. There is a planet to save!

Just as Chairman Mao and Josef Stalin dreamed of managing food production for their citizens, which led to the deaths of untold millions, these modern-day mimics seek similar control over farming practices and people’s food preferences.

Much of Western Europe is presently in an uproar over this dangerous mindset. Farmers in Germany, France and the Netherlands are marching in the streets and rising up to oppose government interference in their livelihoods. Governments there have foolishly enacted policies to reduce the use of fertilizer, cut diesel subsidies and even threatened to confiscate farmland.

Could it be that Biden and his wrecking-ball regime are intentionally ignoring the plight of America’s beef, produce and grain farmers with the goal of implementing similar destructive policies here? This would certainly explain the lackadaisical attitude currently being exhibited toward the men and women who once made the U.S. the world’s breadbasket.

History shows that when arrogant governments seek to radically change or transform areas they know nothing about, disaster surely ensues. If Biden and his minions refuse to give up the folly of reordering American agriculture and meat production, the catastrophe that results might just give new meaning to Clara Peller’s classic Wendy’s line of, “Where’s the beef?”

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News.