Mark Figley: Healthy streak of cynicism still intact after COVID

While news stories these days are largely centered on Israel’s war with Hamas and a bumbling, stumbling, president who rarely makes any sense, the COVID virus still afflicts us. This fact became all too real when I recently contracted it (despite being previously vaccinated I might add).

Characterized by some as the glorified flu, it was much more severe in my case. And the symptoms hit me like a proverbial Mack truck. What started out as a low-grade fever quickly escalated to include chills, general body ache and stiffened joints, severe coughing, both congestion and a runny nose, lack of appetite, diminished sense of taste, lightheadedness, disorientation, a complete lack of energy, and even an instance of blacking out.

Indeed, it was most assuredly the worst illness I have ever encountered; having literally no lessened relief from one moment to the next. But it was more than a physical illness.

The experience was seemingly like living in another dimension. My emotions were heightened and I found myself longing for simpler times, prior to the pandemic, as I saw images of loved ones and all those who had passed away.

After I moved on from these thoughts, I was consumed with upset and anger at how this virus was purposely manipulated (likely in a Wuhan, China lab or in Ukraine) by evil minds. And so many have suffered as a result with no one being held accountable.

Life has yet to return to what it once was before COVID. Just when we think it has, we are reminded of how truly vulnerable we are to a virus that keeps on giving.

Through my treatment, I was prescribed a medication called Paxlovid, which thankfully started to show its benefit by my second day of taking it. I was also quarantined for 10 days and was advised that should I even go outside, a mask was recommended. Even in my weakened state, I had to force myself to say nothing to such foolishness.

Still, this fact alone proves how many debunked aspects of COVID care still remain with us today. They remain embedded in our health care system by the likes of Dr. “Doom” Fauci, the CDC and big pharma.

Since the onset of this virus, many have been conditioned through fear to voluntarily subjugate themselves to the dictates of so-called experts who have lost all credibility through their lies. Others, such as myself, realize that we will never be rid of COVID. It is here to stay, much like the flu and the common cold. And we cannot escape it.

In the beginning, we were urged to get a largely untested vaccine which was presented as a miracle cure for a strange, new virus. Yet as events have unfolded over time, it has become apparent that these vaccines and booster shots have done little more than provide a false sense of security from a virus that continues to mutate.

After my horrendous personal brush with COVID, from which I continue to fully recover the side effects, I thank God that I was able to come out on the other side with a gradual return to full recovery and a healthy streak of cynicism still strongly intact.

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News.