Letter: A response to judges deciding abortion issue

I am responding to Carl Liechty’s letter, “Judges shouldn’t decide about women’s abortions” in The Lima News on Sunday, June 5.

The decision hasn’t been finalized yet.

Like some self-righteous protestors, many do not realize that even should the final vote reverse Roe v. Wade, it still does not make abortions illegal but simply gives the matter back to each state, where the decision can be made by vote of the people. (That’s how Democracy works!)

Those awful Supreme Court “sinners” have been subjected to rigorous, sometimes excruciating vetting procedures before being confirmed.

Liechty may have forgotten that it was this same governmental body that ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade in the first place!

As for giving women the right to choose “what is right for their womb” (a phrase repeated three times in the letter), what about the rights of the unborn children?

The writer uses Scripture about the woman taken in adultery. A loving Jesus forgives her, but she had broken Mosaic law. What sin is any unborn baby even capable of committing? While Liechty seems to believe that a fetus is not a baby, “when it is ready to become a person” it may be worthwhile for him to read Luke 1:41. Mary was visiting the mother of John the Baptist, when John, still unborn, heard Mary’s voice he leaped for joy.

Is Liechty without sin? He seems to have no trouble throwing stones at our U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Where in Scripture does the writer find “a woman’s God-given right to decide one way or another what is best for her womb”?

Jesus was passionate about his love for children. God told Cain that Abel’s blood cried out to Him from the ground. How much more must The Lord grieve as millions of unborn children’s blood cries out from the ground?

Lloyd Harnishfeger


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