Land transfers, May 26-June 1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 26 through June 1. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Ackison, Gary Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Cullen, Thomas M, 319 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $8,200

Curfman, Brett C Allerding/Curfman, Logan to Kettles, Brian D, 1506 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $133,000

Bollinger, Aaron J Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Delish Homes LLC, 410-412 1/2 W. Wayne St., Lima, $2,000

Burden, Ed/Burden, Kristina to Morgan, Brian A/Morgan, Kelly J, 512 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $81,000

Conn, Bradon to Matheson, Christopher R/Matheson, Summer N, 1745 Rice Ave., Lima, $153,000

Drewry, Bryan K Successor Trustee/Jo Ann Frances Drewry Revocable Living Trust to Pocza, Jim/Pocza, Renee, 1806 Rice Ave., Lima, $131,000

Jones, Joseph W to Matthews, Josiah A, 602 E. 5th St., Lima, $3,500

Lima Florida Properties LLC to Ackles, Sequoia/Darby, Marsheena, 424 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $127,000

Masters, Haley A to Starr, Jessica R, 340 N. Cable Road, Lima, $122,500

Musto, Jacquelyn R to Amoroso, Dwayne C/Amoroso, Lisa A, 969 N. Dale Drive, Lima, $170,000

Nelson, Justin T/Scheufler, Glenn W/Scheufler, Karla S to Rowland, Thomas C/Stant, Alisha R, 925 Crestwood Drive, Lima, $167,000

Payne Legacy Group, LLC to Payne, Tiffini N, 609-611 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $30,800

Phillips, Cathie S Trustee/Bible Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Thomas, Jacob A/Young, Shelby N, 1478 Coakley Drive, Lima, $257,000

Staley, Thad Randall/Staley, Amy N to Nickles, Josie Lynn, 507 N. Charles St., Lima, $49,000

Stevenson, Margaret E to D’Abreau, Stephen J/D’Abreau, Corinne N, 1133 Richie Ave., Lima, $142,000

Vision 2 Investments, LLC to Strayer, Caleb, 1008 E. Kibby St., Lima, $50,500


Beining, Adam K/Krouskop, Kendra to Beining, Alan K, 2717 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $90,000

Herrera, Daniel to Stemen, Gene W, 3434 Providence Circle, Lima, $91,900

Huenke, Robert F/Huenke, Brenda to Degen, Douglass S/Degen, Janette K, 3805 Pioneer Road, Lima, $199,900

KFM Enterprises LLC to Craun, Michael A/Craun, Phyllis M, 4646 Allentown Road, Lima, $71,000

Martello, Gerald J/Martello, Yvette R to Welker, Kevin/Welker, Dawn, 2012 Arlington Drive, Lima, $235,000

Miller, Brandon S/Miller, Alicia N to Wellman Homes, LLC, Seriff Road (0.1 acre), Lima, $6,000

Miller, Sandra L/Miller, Gregory L to Wurst, Michelle M/Wurst, Logan, 4045 Lilly Drive, Elida, $365,000

Roeder, Sharon A to McVicker, Larry Eugene, 3385 W. Elm St. (0.5 acre), Lima, $125,000

Roth, Greg A/Roth, Carol A/Marsteller, David K/Marsteller, Teresa A/Bolender, Brenda S/Bolender, Richard E to Rister, Sherry L, 148 Lyre Bird Lane, Lima, $195,000

Vaclav, Lorencovic to WJB Enterprises, LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Lima, $62,400

Wise, Trent A/Wise, Danielle to Johnson, Moriah M/Johnson, Andrew J P, 300 Concept Drive (0.25 acre), Lima, $216,000


Alger, Kyle A/Alger, Haley N to Sanderson, Leah Ann, 243 Barnsbury Drive, Lima, $175,000

Armey, Kellie/Cheeseman, Timothy T to Berry, Joshua/Berry, Sarah M, 860 Heritage Drive, Lima, $340,000

Knotts, Brandon C to Schwartz, Jason W/Romes, Brent, 1663 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $215,000

Russell, Thomas/Russell, Jennifer to Thomas, Robin A/Thomas, Jeremy D, 613 Canyon Drive, Lima, $285,000


Deming, Micaela C/Crist, William E to Tarplee, Kyle/Tarplee, Monica, 346 Sycamore Court, Bluffton, $420,000


Poling, Marisha K Executor/Estate of Joyce Ann Hilvers to Schmersal, Troy J, 434 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $41,000

Tito’s Tribe, LLC to Klaus, Jason Jerome/Schwieterman, Kaitlyn, 1210 Christina St., Delphos, $285,000


Sarno, Nicholas A/Sarno, Jolene M to Harmon, Kyle T/Harmon, Maggie M, 2138 Buttercup Drive, Elida, $312,000

Serenity Investment Properties, Inc. to Minnich, Casey, 702 Weger St., Elida, $260,000


Bassett, Gary/Bassett, Kristin M to Cantrell, Amy Sue/Cantrell, James Robert, 4455 N. Phillips Road (4.1 acres), Harrod, $210,000

Young, Russell E/Young, Janet L to Young, Wyatt, 8310 Anspach Road (0.7 acres), Harrod, $141,000


Heidlebaugh Farm, LLC to Miller, Scot J/Miller, Kylie L, Good Road and Bliss Road (57.8 acres), Delphos, $693,700

Lucke Kerns, Jean F Trustee/Jean F. Lucke Kerns Revocable Living Trust to Kimmet, Ryan/Kimmet, Crystal, North Defiance Trail, Delphos, $80,600

Rister, John R/Rister, Sherry L to Kruse, Justin C/Kruse, Marisa K, 6770 W. State Road (1.7 acres), Lima, $272,000


Amstutz, James D/Amstutz, Suzanne to Meyer, Robert H IV, East Lincoln Highway (31.4 acres), Lima, $325,000


Denson, Willie L to Handshoe, Terry, 1820 Clyde Ave., Lima, $1,500

Patronite, Jenifer L/Patronite, Michael to County Line Investments, LLC, 1573 Bowman Road, Lima, $85,000

Terkelson, Russell W/Doty, Ashley R Attorney In Fact to Wilson, Travis David, 1210 Amherst Road, Lima, $180,000

T-N-T Landscaping And Home Inprovements, LLC/Shorter, Aneta Wtta to Handshoe, Terry, 1816 Clyde Ave., Lima, $24,500


Hauenstein, David W to Nuzum, Tyrel Michael/Nuzum, Natalya Stepanovna, 11313 Huber Road (5.4 acres), Bluffton, $135,000

Warren, Roger to Bushre, Stephen M/Bushre, Jennifer A, 9830 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $235,000


Bambaloff, Vicki B to Werling, Lisa, 1750 Shawnee Road, Unit 1, Lima, $17,000

Burt, Ellen R/Burt, Thomas/Hutchinson, Brian J to Cassell, Patricia S, 3737 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $150,000

Guagenti, Mark G Trustee/Samuel J. Guagenti 2007 Irrevocable Trust to Gomez, Jesse Jr/Gomez, Stacy, 13 Estate Drive, Lima, $589,900

Hall, Cheryl M to Ricks, George W II, 3476 Camden Place, Lima, $271,500

Matson, Kyle to Bowdle, Josie E, 5280 Short St., Lima, $98,000

Moore, Irene Moreno to Morris, Jessica Marie/Moore, Austin Michael, 1758 W. Hume Road, Lima, $252,000

Shock, Robert W Jr/Shock, Mary E to Leaman, Jennifer M, 2084 Shorewood Lane, Lima, $186,000


Krick, Michael E to Settlemire, Bonnie L, 414 E. 4th St., Spencerville, $67,000

MC Capital Interest, LLC to Brenek, Joseph, Elm Street (0.8 acre), Spencerville, $7,500

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