Land transfers, May 12-18

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 12 through 18. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Byrns, Chase E to Bailey, Kayla M, 1347 Essex Drive, Lima, $17,400

C&C Property Management, LLC to Schuh Enterprises, LLC, 1026 E. North St., Lima, $34,000

Crites, Nicholas/Crites, Gail to Durr, Kristopher/Durr, Shauna R, 2261 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $132,400

Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole to Lima Goodman Properties LLC, North Street, Lima, $17,000

Flores, Eileen C to Lee, Larry B/Grindley, Sandra, 2131 Virginia Ave., Lima, $95,000

G & SN Leasing LLC to Kersker, Hope D/Kersker, Brennan C, 777 Ewing Ave., Lima, $120,000

Jones, Brian M Jr to Frazier, Kejuan/Lowe, Mary Dominique, 329 N. Washington St., Lima, $100,000

Lepiota Rentals Ltd. to Blass Holding, LLC, 637 E. 3rd St., Lima, $20,000

Lepiota Rentals Ltd. to Nichols, Beth R, 723 Taylor Ave., Lima, $25,000

Lima Properties Ltd. to Blass Holding, LLC, 628 W. Elm St., 1234 Rice Ave., 1131 Rice Ave., 759 N. West St., 402 N. Collett St., 989 Brice Ave., 433 E. Franklin St., Lima, $245,000

Lott, Matthew A to Croft, Joe, 110 Findlay Road, 1032 Findlay Road, 820 McKinley Ave., Lima, $175,000

M & M Rentals Ltd. to Blass Holding, LLC, 1252 Hazel Ave., Lima, $20,000

MOD Rentals Ltd to Blass Holding, LLC, 817 Holly St., 329 Harrison Ave., Lima, $20,000

Nanchoff-Hughes, Tonia N/Hughes, Dennis to Clark, Angela M, 1022 E. High St., Lima, $81,500

Nester, April to Blanchard, Christopher G, 313 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, $93,500

RAS Rentals Ltd to Blass Holding, LLC, 900 E. Vine St., 556-556 1/2 N. McDonel St., Lima, $60,000

Swihart, Asher A/Swihart, Heather to Waller, Bradley K/Neeley, Jessica N, 1933 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $170,900

Tri-C Enterprises, LLC/Herr, Nicole to Croft, Joseph, 123 E. Wayne St. and North Main Street, Lima, $40,000

Wright, Jacob/Wright, Mary Ann/Wright, Donald Thomas to Fair-Sevitz, Matteson L/Lindenberger, Noah D, 1731 Bermuda Drive Lima, $126,000


Allen, Kyle R to Sweet, Joseph W, 2225 Carolina Ave., Lima, $147,500

Dobner, David L/Dobner, Tina J to Adams Way, LLC, Golden Lane (0.9 acres), Lima, $75,000

Foust, Norman G Trustee to S. Gracely Farms, LLC, Baty Road (33.8 acres), Lima, $439,400

Foust, Norman Gerard Co-Trustee/Wilson, Susan Ann Co-Trustee/Norman J Foust Living Trust to S. Gracely Farms, LLC, 1875 Baty Road, Lima, $80,600

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Downey Family Limited Partnership, Baty Road (9 acres), Lima, $250,000

Green, Michael Joe/Green, Rachel to Wackler, Nathan Z, 3209 Makley Drive, Lima, $210,500

Kaser, Christine M Trustee to McCullough, Gary L, 4600 Allentown Road, Lima, $30,000

Schymanski, Patrick J/Schymanski, Deborah A to Upshaw, Emily, 5145 Marciel Drive, Lima, $274,900

White’s Investments L.L.C. to Creps, Stephen R, 5239 Lobo St., Lima, $218,000

Willhight, David C/Willhight, Jennifer S to S.W. Doyle Corporation, 4974 Carriage Lane, Lima, $20,000


Downing, Buddy L/Downing, Eva R to Shoppell, Joseph P, 204 Smead Ave., Lima, $125,700

Kilgore, Terry Co-Executor/Miles, Mark Co-Executor/Estate Of Bobby Ray Miles to Donnalley, Greer Morgan, 546 Sunnymeade Lane, Lima, $199,900

Miller, Raymond/Miller, Tammy F to Allison, James A, 1507-1525 Stewart Road, Lima, $197,000

Parker, Donald J/Parker, Sharon L to Reeve, William D/Reeve, Joan E, 5183 and 5305 N. Thayer Road (15 acres), Lima, $430,000

Stamper, Marguerite K/Young, Deborah to Wireman, Alexander S/Hall, Joan L, Slabtown Road (9 acres), Lima, $80,000

Tidd, Lisa A/Estate Of Donna J Bayliff to Dolph, Dylan E, 3733 Gloucester Place, Lima, $195,300

Tomlinson, Gregory C/Tomlinson, David S/Tomlinson, Michael K/Gruber, Jill M/Tomlinson, Valerie J/Tomlinson, Landa Lynne/Tomlinson, Diane Kay/Gruber, Jeffrey Daniel to Ball, Anita E, 624 Willard Ave., Lima, $200,000

White, Travis/White, Angela to Money, Hazel/Money, William Gene, 601 E. Ross Ave., Lima, $128,900

Wilkins, James A/Wilkins, Rita N to Birchmeier, Dean D/Birchmeier, Monica A, 3838 Yale Ave., Lima, $146,000


Cannon, Carla Trustee/Swickwrath Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Smith, Brittiney D Cook/Smith, Brandon B, 136 Orchard Drive, Elida, $357,000

JSMN Dollar General Properties, LLC to Namdar DG Realty LLC, 223 Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $537,100


Schweitzer, Ronald J Co-Trustee/Schweitzer, Lynn Co-Trustee/Schweitzer Family Joint Revocable Trust to Gass, Rick L III/Gass, Rhonda M, 2235 N. Napoleon Road (13.9 acres), Harrod, $300,000

Shafer, Christopher L/Shafer, Lucinda J to Shafer, Christian Lee/Shafer, Lisa M, Rumbaugh Road (16.1 acres), Lima, $110,000


Good, Richard M/Good, Leona to Crites, Nicholas/Crites, Anthony, 7400 Bliss Road (2 acres), Lima, $72,000


Strunk, Danny J. Jr. to Harris, Kathryn K/Harris, Philip C, 4170 E. Lincoln Highway (0.7 acres), Columbus Grove, $165,000


Brechbill, David O/Brechbill, Ryan W Attorney In Fact to Price, Shaney J/Price, Christian, 9190 N. Dixie Highway (3.7 acres), Bluffton, $239,000

Warnecke, Roy J/Warnecke, Karen S to Butcher, Dereck/Butcher, Nicole, 9516 Columbus Grove-Bluffton Road (1.6 acres), Bluffton, $310,000


Lindo, Calvin/Lindo, Daphne to Hassuna, Deena M/Elbabour, Mohamed M, 4409 Indian Hill Drive, Lima, $458,000

Rockhold, Matthew E/Rockhold, Ashley J to Wendroth, Jason B, 1429 W. Shore Drive, Lima, $192,500

Ward, Debora A to Bellman, Tristen V, 2851 Sandalwood Drive, Lima, $180,000

Wojtaszek, Kristina to Johnston, Denise E/Johnston, David S, 3090 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $222,600


Prine, Jeannine S to Chaney, Michael R, 426 W. 1st St., Spencerville, $148,000

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