Land transfers, March 31-April 6

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 31 through April 6. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Bankston, Desiree to Healey, Jermonte, 330 Prospect Ave., Lima, $24,200

Beggins, Brad Successor Trustee/John E. Beggin Living Trust to 1590 Northwest LLC, 1131 W. North St., Lima, $115,000

Bolden, Lavor to Grant, Don, 532 Holmes Ave., Lima, $1,000

Carp, Morgan E/Carp, Joshua M to Scott, Brian A/Simon, April D, 1811 W. Spring St., Lima, $147,000

Chiles, Nathanial to Williams, Eva, 306 E. Vine St., Lima, $12,100

Coleman-James, Patricia/James, Manuel to Reedy, Rosie, 212 W. 11th St., Lima, $1,000

Crites, Nicholas D/Crites, Gail G to Wieging, Kendra S, 506 Columbia Drive, Lima, $137,900

Gresham, Alexander A to Guzman, Kevin J Montes/Montes, Britney M/Nickerson, Betty M, 2970 Jenny Place, Lima, $166,800

Houston, Ahmad to Blue Tulips Logistics & Transportation, LLC, 335 McDonel St., Lima, $19,000

Lima Land Company Ltd. to Schuh, Anthony J/Schuh, Taylor A, 1326 W. Market St., Lima, $36,000

McBeth, Melissa F/Raines, Heather F/Raines, Scott/McBeth, Jeremy to Allen, Andrew, 717 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $1,000

Miller McWay, Clara Mae/Sheriff Mathew B Treglia/McWay, Martin H Et Al to Jones, Brian M Jr, 455 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $30,000

Owens, Brittany L/Owens, Kenneth N to Tummel, Maranda Renee, 716 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $180,000

Saine, Philip R/Saine, Rebecca R to Saine, Christopher P/Saine, Chasity W, 650 Ewing Ave., Lima, $49,100


Grigsby, Amy R/Grigsby, William B Jr to Quad R Investments, LLC, South Conant Road, Lima, $6,000

Wade, Christopher J to Place, Duane C/Place, Pamela S, 1150 Cremean Road, Lima, $225,900


Bendy Properties LLC to Hawk, Susan E, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 103, Lima, $88,000

Butler’s Investment Properties Co. to Loman, Zaccoria J, 2311 N. McDonel St., Lima, $131,000

Peters, David/Peters, Anna to Jankow, Denise, 5957 Poling Road, Lima, $200,000

White, Timothy I/White, Darlene S to Millmine, Wanda, 3695 Citabria Drive, Lima, $225,000


Cunningham, Michael A to Krohn, Luke D, 803 Hefner Drive, Lima, $200,000

Gross, Sara J to McKinley, Jody L, 120 Cheshire Circle, Lima, $150,000

Jenkins, Paul W/Jenkins, Kathy A to Vernon, Matthew T, 1684 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $174,000

Meyer, Robert H IV Guardian/Bixel, Shirley Marcine to Newman, John D/Newman, Barbara J, 625 Gardenview Circle, Lima, $259,000

Mod Rentals Ltd. to Golden, Jacob, 1307 N. Sugar St., Lima, $7,000

Steiner, Daniel L/Steiner, Barbara A to Barnit LLC, 1201 Findlay Road, Lima, $390,000


RSE Rentals LLC to Pridemore, Sarah K, 490 Cherry St., Bluffton, $165,700


McClure, Bria A to Yelton, Misty Ann/Kawalec, Marcin, 612 E. 2nd St., Delphos, $114,900

Offenbacher, Edward/Offenbacher, Irene to LJ Plescher III, LLC, 126 E. 12th St., Delphos, $41,000

Rivera, Lauretta A Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to PNC Bank, National Association, 233 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $46,000

Wieging, Kendra S to Nazario, Jamonah R/Shade, Troy M, 513 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $157,000


Tomsett, Trinity N to Ogle, James M/Ogle, Tina R, 217 E. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $119,000


Lane, Gene M/Lane, Terry E/Lane, Ruth N/Lane, Brenda to Schurr, Christopher F, 3131 N. Napoleon Road, $15,000

Meyer, Cory A/Meyer, Molly to Meyer, Jared/Meyer, Jadyn, 1756 N. Cool Road, Lima, $120,000

Porter, Betty A to Porter, Marcus, 9645 Harding Highway (0.5 acre), Harrod, $20,000


Griffith, Phyllis I to Gariety, Allison A/Burgei, Alexander J, 5495 E. Hook Waltz Road (5.5 acres), Columbus Grove, $180,000

Schumacher, Joseph M Successor Trustee/Schumacher Family Revocable Trust to Knott Family Farms, LLC, Ottawa Road (1.4 acres and 6.48 acres), Columbus Grove, $330,000


Cox, Walter K/Cox, Patricia S to Schaffner, James A, 2136 E. 4th St., Lima, $112,500

Frye, Zachery Thomas/Frye, Brandy to Ernest, Bethany B Trustee/Ernest Income Access Trust, 4505 Amherst Road, Lima, $200,000

Mulholland, Randall W Executor/Estate Of Delphene M Mulholland to Wohlgamuth, Dylan, 3612 E. Hanthorn Road, Lima, $75,000


Bowsher, Jennifer to Beach, Jeanne M/Beach, Scott D, 1099 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $170,000

Derryberry, Glenn H/Derryberry, M Jo to Rodolfo, Richardson E/Rodolfo, Marlyn S, 848 Kiowa Trail, Lima, $375,000

Hempfling, Pamela to Nichols, Matthew T, 2041 Maplewood Lane, Lima, $174,900

Jordan, Vicki to Stedke, Daven E./Catahoula Revocable Living Trust, 3550 Dawn Drive, Lima

Lutz, Betty J/Koenig, Jennifer Jean Attorney In Fact to Bowsher, Jennifer, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 403, Lima, $69,900

Schimpf, Luke T/Schimpf, Kimberley S to Loayza, Carie G, 3145 Juliette Drive, Lima, $201,000


Leis, Norma Jean to Hubert, Travis, 11520 Spencerville Road (0.6 acres), Spencerville, $218,000


Hirn, Stephanie/Hirn, Michael P to San Juan, Claudio/Aleman, Cecilia, 328 Brett Lane, Spencerville, $166,300

Jabez Capital Investments, LLC. to Chuffers, Inc., North Broadway Street, Spencerville, $18,700


Hemenway, Joanne Y to Ambrister, Laken M, 7154 Gomer Road, Lima, $115,000

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