Two Humane Society volunteers honored

First Posted: 1/15/2015

LIMA — The Humane Society of Allen County honored two of its volunteers Thursday during the annual meeting.

Meghan Naumburg and Bill Hanz will both honored as the Youth and Adult Volunteers of the Year Award. Both are from Lima.

Meghan Naumburg, 17, said she first began volunteering at the center about three years ago with her mother once a week. Naumburg’s mother, Tracy Tibbitts, is now the executive director of the center and Meghan now volunteers three days a week. She said it is very rewarding and is helping prepare her for her chosen career.

“I plan to be veterinarian,” Naumburg said. “I love animals.

Naumberg has volunteered time in nearly every facet of the daily operation of the organization, including cleaning cages, office work, helping out with educational events and fundraisers, and socializing with the animals.

Bill Hanz said he was a little bit uncomfortable accepting the award.

“There are so many people that do so many great things here with their volunteered time,” Hanz said. “I would have preferred that someone else would have received it.”

Hanz began to volunteer after he saw a need at the center. He visits the center every day to walk all the dogs.

“There was a need there,” Hanz said. “It is one of the joys I get out of early retirement.”

Hanz volunteers a couple of hours each weekday helping to walk the dogs.

HSAC Board President Cat Kouns Born gave a brief update on finances at the humane society. She said as with all non-profit groups, financial concerns are their greatest need going into 2015.

“You always need money,” Born said.

Born said finances at the beginning of the year did not look well, but efficiency moves have the society on the right path.

“We can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. “There were times where it was so dark that we didn’t know we were in a tunnel.”

One of the highlights for the upcoming year will be the opening of a low-cost spay/neuter clinic which will begin Jan. 26 by appointment only. Born said the HSAC has worked with several local veterinarians to open the clinic and had just received license approval Thursday.