Bible precludes alien life

First Posted: 1/21/2015

I am writing in response to the Jan. 8 article in The Lima News Religion section: “Are there others ‘in God’s image’ in the universe?”

In the article Rabbi Avi Weinstein allows for worlds that preceded the present Earth. And the Rev. Holly McKissick said she is almost certain there are other inhabited planets in the universe and that her gut tells her the billions of yet unexplored solar systems must be filled with more of the same.

Where do they get these ideas? It is certainly not from the Bible that I read. Their statements contain not one biblical quotation to justify their statements.

God created Earth and death did not occur until man sinned, which separated man from God. If death did not occur until the original sin, how are there previous Earths?

If McKissick is correct, the aliens she feels exist in the universe, will be destroyed by a loving God for no apparent reason or at a minimum because of what happened on Earth (our sin, not their own) some 6,000 years ago.

When one goes outside the Bible to incorporate the ideas of fallen men, who weren’t there, who don’t know everything, whose theories change constantly, both these ideas and the Bible at that point make no sense. No matter how much scientists know, they will never know what it is they don’t know, so how can they ever claim to have discovered the truth and be certain of their theory?

So to answer the articles posed title question. NO. There were no pre-worlds and neither exist other alien worlds. Straightforward Biblical principles simply do not allow it.