CVS website wrongly blocks ages 65 to 69 from making vaccination appointments

By Randy Ludlow - The Columbus Dispatch (TNS)

Pharmacy giant CVS was not allowing Ohioans age 65 to 69 to make COVID-19 vaccination appointments despite the state making the age group eligible for shots beginning Monday.

Ohioans who entered an age of less than 70 on the pharmacy’s vaccination website were erroneously informed they were not eligible for vaccinations.

The problem continued past 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.

After The Dispatch flagged the situation to the attention of Ohio Department of Health officials on Monday morning, the state contacted CVS.

“We talked to CVS and the issue is getting fixed,” health department spokeswoman Melanie Amato said shortly before 3 p.m.

Comment was being sought from a CVS spokesman. Vaccinations were restricted to Ohioans age 70 and older prior to Monday.

A spot check of the vaccination web sites of other vaccination providers, including Kroger, Giant Eagle and Drug Mart, found that their websites were accepting inquiries from Ohioans ages 65 to 69 on Monday.

The websites of Kroger and Giant Eagle reported there were no vaccination appointments available at a handful of randomly selected Central Ohio stores. Drug Mart accepted a request to be notified when an appointment was available.

By Randy Ludlow

The Columbus Dispatch (TNS)

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