The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to temporarily close due to coronavirus pandemic

By Kaylee Remington - (TNS)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is temporarily closing its doors due to the surge in coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

The temporary closure to the public will begin Monday in advance of Thanksgiving, according to a news release from spokeswoman Shauna Wilson.

“We remain confident in our effective health and safety protocols that have provided a clean and safe environment for our visitors and staff since we reopened in June, however, at this time we believe it is appropriate to take this step and encourage people to stay home,” the news release stated.

“While our building is closed, we will continue to fulfill our mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock and roll and will do so digitally, bringing engaging content and experiences to our fans in their homes. We will also monitor the situation around us and remain in frequent contact with city, county, and state officials, public health officials, and infectious disease experts.”

The release encourages patrons of the Rock Hall to safely enjoy the upcoming holidays and to take care of each other.

By Kaylee Remington (TNS)

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