Man warned after using pellet gun to chase away geese

By Sean McDonnell - Akron Beacon Journal (TNS)

Police were on a wild-goose hunter chase on Monday after a report came in of a man shooting a firearm at geese.

It turns out the man was trying to use a pellet gun to keep them off his property.

According to a Hudson Police report, an officer responded at about 11:20 a.m. to a home on the 1300 block of Norton Road for reports of a man “shooting a long gun.” Stow officers had also received a call about the man, and responded to the home.

Hudson Police Lt. Kevin May said police discovered the 69-year-old man was using an Airsoft gun to shoot at geese.

“I think the guy that lives there had a problem with geese on his property, and he thought it would be appropriate to shoot at them to get them off their property,” May said. “It’s not appropriate, and its prohibited.”

The man told an officer when she arrived that he was using an Airsoft gun, according to the police report. The man then asked to show the officer the rifle. The officer said it appeared at first look to be an assault rifle, but confirmed it was an Airsoft rifle by removing the magazine.

According to the police report, the man and wife were given a verbal warning, and advised to find another way to keep geese off their property.

May said discharging any weapons, including pellet guns, are prohibited in the city. He said the department very rarely deals with discharging weapons in the city, especially at geese.

By Sean McDonnell

Akron Beacon Journal (TNS)

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