Parma Heights sends SWAT team to help landlord evict woman found hiding in the attic

Kaylee Remington - Advance Ohio Media, Cleveland (TNS)

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio — Parma Heights police sent a SWAT team to assist a landlord who tried to evict a tenant who had holed up in the attic in lieu of leaving.

Alisia Reindl, 33, is charged with inducing panic and obstructing official business in the incident that happened at about 3 p.m. Saturday (Jan. 26) on Queens Highway near Snow Road, Parma Heights police spokesman Det. Adam Sloan said.

Parma Municipal Court records do not say when Reindl is expected to make her first court appearance.

Police arrived after the landlord asked police to speak with Reindl and conduct a check on the home after he served an eviction notice, according to dispatch logs. Two men and a 7-year-old were also in the home when police arrived.

Investigators found several guns and ammunition in the home as they looked for Reindl, Parma Heights Police Chief Steve Scharschmidt said. The officers requested a SWAT team as backup when they discovered Reindl was in the attic.

Officers shot tear gas into the home to get Reindl to come outside. Officers took her into custody without incident.

Scharschmidt said police anticipate Reindl’s husband will also face criminal charges in the incident, but would not specify what, if any, crime he might have committed during Saturday’s encounter.

Scharschmidt said the department decided to dispatch the heavily armed SWAT team because Reindl refused several requests to come out of the home. Reindl has a history of not being compliant with her lease and she has several felony warrants for probation violations on drug charges, Scharschmidt further noted.

“I just feel like in this day and age, officers’ safety is paramount,” he said. “It’s not like your typical standoff. The landlord was really fearful they were trashing his house. When you have guns, you have ammo, she’s hiding, she’s a felon, that’s a situation where they (SWAT) could come in and handle it. What if she’s got a gun in that crawl space in the attic and she shoots them (officers)?”

Kaylee Remington

Advance Ohio Media, Cleveland (TNS)

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