ODOT message boards will ‘TRIPLE DOG DARE’ holiday travelers to drive safely

Peter Krouse - Advance Ohio Media, Cleveland (TNS)

When driving across Ohio, don’t be surprised if you see a digital message board reminding you that life is “FRA-GEE-LAY” and to drive safely.


You wouldn’t be from Ohio, or at least Cleveland, if you didn’t know “FRA-GEE-LAY” and “TRIPLE DOG DARE” are nods to the movie “A Christmas Story.”

The messages are two of several that will appear on Ohio roads this holiday season.

ODOT has been using digital message boards since July of 2015, according to the release, and a Federal Highway Administration survey shows they are a good way to promote safety campaigns and to get people to change their driving habits.

“While the subject is very serious, we have found that the public responds better to messages that are humorous or relate to pop-culture,” ODOT DirectorJack Marchbanks said in a written statement.

There have been 260,357 crashes on Ohio roads so far this year, according to ODOT.

On Christmas Eve, another message board will remind drivers to stay right unless passing because “Santa needs the left lane tonight.”

Slow driving in the left lane is a “common trigger for road rage and aggressive driving behaviors that can lead to crashes,” according to an ODOT press release.

A Christmas Day digital message that will advise against impaired driving will reference the movie “Christmas Vacation.”

There have been 1,119 people killed on Ohio roads so far this year, up 8 percent over last year, and November has been the deadliest.

“The vast majority of traffic deaths in Ohio are completely preventable,” Marchbanks stated. “While we engineer roads to be as safe as possible, the one thing we cannot control is driver behavior. We’re urging drivers to put down the phone, buckle up, drive sober, and obey the speed limit.”


Peter Krouse

Advance Ohio Media, Cleveland (TNS)

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