School board sues to stop residents from changing districts

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CANTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio school board is heading back to federal court to stop a state law that allows residents to easily change their assigned school district.

The Plain Local school board’s counsel filed a lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court to challenge the law from being enforced.

The Ohio code allows residents in some townships the ability to transfer to an adjoining school district if enough voters pass the measure on an election ballot, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

The law took effect Oct. 7 and since then two residents have filed petitions to transfer out of the school district.

Officials are not required to consider whether the transfer is in the best interest of students under the new law. An old law that is still in effect for townships with only one school district requires that consideration.

The board also unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday to table the two filed petitions and set aside any other petitions until the court rules on the lawsuit.

Local leaders believe the new law is unconstitutional and could potentially lead to increased segregation and racial divides among townships as well as strip away students’ rights to an equal education.

The Associated Press

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