Cedar Point and Kings Island boasts profitable summer season and are on pace for a record revenue year

Craig Webb - Akron Beacon Journal (TNS)

Things were profitable on America’s Roller Coast and other Cedar Fair amusement park properties across the country this summer.

The company based in Sandusky and home to Cedar Point released its third quarter results on Wednesday and noted the chain that includes Kings Island outside of Cincinnati is on pace for a record year.

Cedar Fair posted a record $715 million in revenue, an increase of 8 percent or $51 million more than the third quarter of 2018.

Not only was attendance up across the parks, but park goers spent more once inside the gates.

The chain says preliminary net revenues for the year through Nov. 3 totaled a record $1.37 billion — up 9 percent or $113 million compared to the previous year.

“I am very pleased to say that our year-to-date results have us well on our way to making 2019 the best year in Cedar Fair’s history,” Cedar Fair President and CEO Richard A. Zimmerman said in a prepared statement. “While the industry has benefited from favorable weather conditions throughout key portions of the 2019 season, our strong results to date have been driven by solid growth in in-park per capita spending while entertaining a record number of guests, particularly during our peak summer months.”

Cedar Fair credits some of the gains to the aggressive sale and promotion of season passes. Cedar Point is selling a so-called Gold Pass that includes admission and free parking for $99 to mark its 150 anniversary next year.

Cedar Point is prepping for its anniversary season by bringing back its campy boat excursion ride and plans to open an indoor sports center outside of the park. It is also renovating its recently acquired Sawmill Creek Resort and Conference Center.


Craig Webb

Akron Beacon Journal (TNS)

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