Michigan doctor federally indicted for murder plot

Allison Dunn - The Blade, Toledo, Ohio (TNS)

A pain management doctor practicing in northwest Ohio was federally indicted this week for allegedly plotting to kill a Michigan lawyer and plant fentanyl in another attorney’s vehicle.

Dr. Daniel A. Schwarz, 56, of Waterford, Mich., is charged with attempt to possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance in U.S. District Court for planning to kill Michael D. McCulloch with a covert lethal injection of fentanyl and Xanax and plant the drug in the vehicle of another attorney, Robert Meisner, according to a criminal complaint initially filed in federal court on Aug. 23.

A federal grand jury indicted him on Wednesday and his arraignment date has not yet been determined.

Investigators claim it was Dr. Schwarz’s intention to kill Mr. McCulloch, a Michigan lawyer involved in a civil lawsuit that concluded with an approximately $60,000 judgment against him, and to plant the drug in Mr. Meisner’s vehicle, as he also was involved in the case.

The doctor met with a client who struggles with drug abuse in September, 2018, and Dr. Schwarz later revealed his plans to the patient. Dr. Schwarz indicated he would “brush pass” Mr. McColloch, meaning someone would appear to accidentally bump into him while injecting a lethal amount of the drugs, court records show.

The doctor agreed to pay the patient $20,000 for assistance in the plan, court records show.

At first, the patient believed the doctor was only venting about his frustrations, but his plans became more evident and the patient reported the incident to the Lima Police Department.

Following an investigation, federal agents arrested the doctor, who told authorities he had thoughts about kidnapping the attorneys and taking them to a secluded location and burning them, or injecting them with fentanyl, court records show.

Dr. Schwarz remains in custody following a preliminary hearing before Magistrate Judge James Knepp II.


Allison Dunn

The Blade, Toledo, Ohio (TNS)

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