Residents worried after manure leaks into Darke County stream

Dayton Daily News, Ohio (TNS)

Thousands of fish have turned up dead after manure used for farming leaked into the waterways.

People who live in the area say they’re worried for their own health after seeing multiple environmental agencies testing water near their homes.

Several residents said they noticed the Ohio EPA, the ODA and Darke County Soil and Water testing the stream.

Joey Schmitmeyer said officials told him a farmer used 650-gallons of manure on a field, which wasn’t tilled, and it ran off into a local stream.

“Applied manure to his field and because it was so dry, that manure washed down in the cracks and got into the water ways,” he said. “Every bridge you went around, you saw hundreds of dead fish around.”

Schmitmeyer said this stream is the same one his kids and dog play in daily.

“My daughter loves nothing more than to get a lawn chair and a tackle box and sit at the edge of that creek and catch what she can and throw it back and I do not feel safe with her doing that.”

Environmental officials said that hoses are pumping the contaminated water out and clean water in, but one resident said it could be years before the water is safe again.

“I was told this could be a 10 to 15-year cleanup,” Jesse Penix said.

WHIO has reached out to the EPA about the testing and we’re waiting to hear back about the results.

Dayton Daily News, Ohio (TNS)

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