Actor helps dedicate Tom Hanks motion pictures center

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks proves again he excels at taking directions.

Hank wielded oversized scissors Tuesday and, on a count of three, he led a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a newly renovated motion pictures center named for him at Wright State University in Ohio.

Hanks said that when he was a teenager, he couldn't have gotten into the university. He joked about his performance on the SATs, asking his audience to guess what he got on the tests. His answer: "Spilled Coca-Cola."

The Oscar-winning star isn't an alumnus, but has connections with teachers and alumni of the public school.

Hanks is national co-chair of a fundraising campaign for the university. He planned to attend a fundraising gala and talk with theater, dance and motion picture students during his Tuesday visit.

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