Letter: Trump rewrites Freedom Award

President Trump plans to award Jim Jordan the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for being a vocal and loyal supporter of his administration in Congress. Strangely enough, Trump didn’t mention Mike Pence’s name whom the Associated Press labeled as a loyal soldier torn between Trump and the Constitution.

Uncommon Valor?

Unless we have forgotten why the Presidential Medal of Freedom was adopted, I decided to refresh myself with its origin. It is awarded by the president “for especially meritorious contribution to (1) the security or national interests of the United States, or (2) world peace, or (3) cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

The award was established in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy, superseding the Medal of Freedom that was established by President Harry S. Truman in 1945 to honor civilian service during World War II. Since its inception, 619 medals have been awarded.

If asked, I could have added a few additional names who have served and continue to serve with honor and distinction and strongly emulate the criterion for being nominated for the Medal of Freedom Award. For instance, the Jefferson Award Winners, Walter C. Potts, Mary Ann Brown, Mayor Berger, Vince Koza, Gov. DeWine, Dr. Amy Acton, Monsignor Herr, and Rev. Broyles just to name a few.

Being a vocal and loyal supporter of a person or group was not the intent or in the spirit of giving this prestigious award. After these four tumultuous years, we will be forever trying to undo Mr. Trump’s unorthodox decisions to place his “personal” stamp on history. If Messers. Jordan and Pence’s loyalty to the president only can be celebrated as uncommon valor, then our democracy does not exist for the people – it reverts to the idiom an albatross around our necks.

Mr. Jordan, there might be a medal out there somewhere for you and the vice-president, but certainly not this one.

Bob Proby,



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