Letter: Just say “no” to overlay

Lost Creek neighborhood is a nice place to live for any age. We have seniors, some of which have owned their home for up to 50 years, and young families who bought their first home here. Each of them keep their homes nice and pay taxes. There are more families coming in with children going to Bath schools.

Isn’t that all good for Bath Township?

I cannot understand how are trustees would think it’s better to rezone our neighborhoods so homes can be replaced by businesses that “might” stay open long enough to pay taxes once there lengthy tax abatement is finished.

Once people start selling to businesses it will be like a cancer and spread. Who wants to live next to or behind a business with its parking lots, dumpsters, trash blowing across our yards?

Our residential area is only two blocks deep and this overlay plan takes up lots more that’s on Harding Highway. It zig-zags in four to six lots in places. The Realtors aren’t telling buyers that this is hanging over their heads if they buy and homes are selling well.

We hope the trustees will clean up their act and quit catering to out-of-town investors and appreciate their Bath Township residents. Let’s put the trust back in trustees. Just say “no” to the Bath overlay.

Carol Parker, Bath Township


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