Auglaize poultry farm files permit renewal

ST. MARYS — Ron and Deborah Wilker, owners of Wilker Eggs and Grain Farm LLC, 10675 Tri Township Road, St. Marys, have filed a renewal of a permit to operate with the Ohio Department of Agriculture for their Auglaize County poultry operation. The facility consists of two existing layer houses with the capacity of 317,151 layers.

Manure from one layer house is stored below the cages in a deep pit structure, with the pit providing over two years of storage. Manure from the other facility is removed daily and stored in a separate manure storage barn. This barn can store approximately 157,000 cubic feet of manure, which will provide for about 181 days of manure.

Approximately 4,564 tons of poultry manure will be generated by the facility annually. All solid manure will be distributed off the farm to manure brokers and crop producers that will use the manure as a replacement for commercial fertilizers.

The facility and its records would be regularly inspected by the ag department to ensure compliance if the permit renewal is approved.

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