Letter: DeWine: Banning mosquitoes next?

No coincidence Ohio has become politically purple. A recent letter from a Wapakoneta resident asked about Democrats always reducing our freedoms; how about some GOP officials? Told a change in the ORP thinking occurred, obviously not influence of establishment members.

After losing the Senate to Sherrod Brown; Ohio establishment rewards DeWine moving Dave Yost to auditor while already campaigning for attorney general. Not satisfied, he upends the gubernatorial race for his next reward. Republicans even wanted Brown to oust DeWine; now see who Ohio has for governor?

Lieutenant governor to “Taxy” Bob Taft and proven stalwart of conservative efforts in Senate alongside McCain, establishments knew who they were giving Ohioans. Recover from Kasich’s sheep clothing, only to undress to this wolf. Big government, heavy hand and freedoms exchanged for “safety.”

He’s promoted whopping 14 gun control regulations. Current laws already work. Encouraged youth vote at 18, then denies smart enough to make decisions, raising tobacco products to 21. Youth can evaluate life and death decisions serving in military but are not able to buy tobacco? Raises gas tax to address “crisis,” aka overlooked problem. Was local RTA levy really needed? DeWine now banning flavored e-cigs and dictating entrepreneurial business activity like Democrat governors. Ban flavored alcohol? I forgot the lobbyists wouldn’t approve. Flavors, nicotine, caffeine, THC or CBD do not kill. Added ingredients do. Killer mosquitoes are invading eastern U.S; banning them, or just the flavored ones?

Past governors Taft and Strickland support DeWine. What’s that tell you? Instead, improve Ohio. More communication, less legislation! Promote freedoms, financial and business opportunities with smaller unobtrusive government.

Quit being Swamp Republicans! It’s adding more reasons to leave Ohio.

Brian Cheney, Lima


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