Putnam County court records

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Putnam County Common Pleas Court

Jan. 30

Mandy Lambert, Kalida, was granted a divorce from Chad Lambert, Columbus Grove. They were married Oct. 18, 1997 in Landeck and have one child.

Feb. 1

Jennifer M. Stechschulte, Fort Meyers, Fla., and Ashley J. Stechschulte, Fort Jennings, were granted a dissolution of marriage. They were married May 21, 2011 and have no children.

New Cases

Board of County Commissioners of Putnam County Ohio, v. Patrick Holdings, Inc., Leipsic, Buckeye Stave Co., Leipsic, Thomas M. Patrick, Leipsic, William R. Weis, Leipsic, Mary Kay G. Ellerbrock, Leipsic, Terry L. Stainbrook, Ottawa, Lisa Stainbrook, Ottawa, Mark G. Maag, Ottawa, Patricia M. Maag, Ottawa, Scott M. Rhoad, Pandora, Cheryl A. Rhoad, Pandora, Dorel H. Plankenhorn, Pandora, Gretchen M. Plankenhorn, Pandora, Michael Nienberg, Ottawa, James Nienberg, Ottawa, Agnes L. Nienberg, Ottawa, Jon Nienberg, Ottawa, Mark Nienberg, Ottawa, Amy Nienberg, Ottawa, Marilyn K. Horstman, Ottawa, Anne Nienberg, Findlay, Carol Reynolds, Las Vegas, Nev., Marcia Stanton, Phoenix, Ariz., Allen Stanton, Phoenix, Ariz., Meredith John, Holladay, Utah, Stuart John, Holladay, Utah, Robert E. Niese, Leipsic, Cynthia M. Niese, Leipsic; application for appropriation.

Emma L. Schwartz, Lima, v. Progressive Stamping, Inc., Ottoville; workers’ compensation.

Deanna M. Roby, Ottoville, v. Richard J. Roby, Ottoville; divorce with children.

Putnam County Municipal Court dispositions

Jan. 25

Haley K. Armstrong, 21, 11946 Road 10-K, Ottawa, found guilty to endangering children. Sentence: $100 fine.

Jan. 29

Dallas Hilvers, 18, 205 N. High St., Pandora, pleaded guilty to two counts criminal trespass. Sentence: 30 days jail each count, suspended, $150 fine each count, suspended. He also pleaded guilty to five counts criminal damaging. Sentence: 90 days jail each count, $250 fine each count, $100 suspended each count, with $47.95 restitution and perform 100 hours community service.

Jasmin M. Bishop, 20, 247 N. Locust St., Ottawa, pleaded no contest to underage possession and was found guilty. Sentence: 30 days jail, suspended, $250 fine, 30 hours community service.

Daniel J. Schaffer, II, 23, 24380 Bowman Road, Defiance, pleaded guilty to possession. Sentence: $150 fine and six-month license suspension. A charge of drug paraphernalia was dismissed.

Christopher Dlubac, 19, 700 North Lane, Defiance, pleaded guilty to drug paraphernalia. Sentence: $150 fine. He was also fined $150 for drug possession.

Marcelino Cruz-Santiz, 34, 20298 Road I-18, Cloverdale, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of second-offense reckless operation. Sentence: 23 days in jail, $250 fine, with credit for 23 days served. He was also fined $125 for consumption in motor vehicle. Charges of driving without a valid license and failure to display reg/expired plates were dismissed.

Jan. 30

Lorenzo M. Martin, 19, 251 N. Concord Drive, Apt. 11, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to driving under suspension. Sentence: $250 fine. He was also fined $50 for use of headlights.

Megan Knapp, 23, 704 Maple St., Stryker, pleaded guilty to drug abuse/possession. Sentence: $150 fine, six-month license suspension.

Feb. 1

Gary L. Buckland, 63, 584 Kennedy St., Ottawa, pleaded guilty to OVI. Sentence: 30 days jail, 27 days suspended, $750 fine, one-year license suspension, with credit for three days jail upon completion of DIP. He was also fined $50 for failure to maintain control.

Putnam County Municipal Court judgments

Jan. 25

Midland Funding, LLC, San Diego, default judgment v. Patricia Johnson, Continental, $2,394.13, plus costs.

Jan. 30

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, Golden, Colo., default judgment v. Rudolph A. Garcia, Ottawa, $589.61, plus interest and costs.

Capital One Bank, Richmond, Va., default judgment v. Patricia J. Hipsher, Fort Jennings, $2,448.27, plus costs.

LVNV Funding, LLC, Greenville, S.C., default judgment v. Dana Franks, Ottawa, $699.48, plus interest and costs.

Feb. 1

Midland Funding, LLC, San Diego, default judgment v. Jesse L. Beard, Continental, $1,075.07, plus costs.

Lima Radiological Associates, Inc., Toledo, default judgment v. Justin Keiser, Ottawa, $249, plus interest and costs.

Lima Radiological Associates, Inc., Toledo, default judgment v. Amber D. Sandlin, Vaughnsville, $208.89, plus interest and costs.

Lima Radiological Associates, Inc., Toledo, default judgment v. Merced Torres, Ottawa, and Peggy Torres, Ottawa, $604.26, plus interest and costs.

Imaging Consultants of Findlay, default judgment v. Brandi A. Hoffman, Ottawa, $376, plus interest and costs.

Buckeye Anesthesia Services & Consultants, Detroit, default judgment v. Eugene Lause, Fort Jennings, and Beth A. Lause, Fort Jennings, $704.69, plus interest and costs.

Pandora Family Physicians, Inc., consent judgment v. Jerudd L. Treadway, Columbus Grove, $780, plus interest and cost of suit taxed at $95.


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