Letter: Berger: Trust me, vote Sharetta Smith

It has been my honor to serve as Lima’s Mayor and CEO for 32 years. I thank everyone who collaborated with me to bring about positive, enduring, visible change. In 1989, Lima was in a downward spiral. It took disciplined, persistent efforts to change that trajectory, building the momentum we are now witnessing, with the strongest economy in over four decades, 2,200 job openings in a 10 mile radius, exciting downtown renewal and a decreasing crime rate.

One of my skills has been to recruit and retain talented people willing to spend much of their professional lives teaming with me to solve difficult problems. Their spirit of selfless dedicated service has been the unheralded key to our success.

Lima citizens now have the chance to hire, with their votes, the most qualified and experienced person who has ever sought the mayor’s office. Sharetta Smith is a Lima native with pertinent credentials — an MBA and a law degree — for the mayor’s executive responsibilities. She has experience in both the private and public sectors — managing global contracts for Fortune 500 companies like P&G, and serving as a criminal court magistrate in Chattanooga for six years and as Lima’s chief of staff for four years. And she has an executive style that is welcoming, visionary and thoroughly competent, as she has led the Housing Task Force, advocated for increased safety personnel and headed the efforts to hire the city’s first chief technology officer.

Lima voters, you have trusted me for 32 years to meet the challenges that we have faced together. Trust me one more time! Vote for Sharetta Smith for mayor! Thank you.

David J. Berger,

Mayor of Lima


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