Land transfers, Oct. 7-13

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Deeds `87`93`60

Mortgage `98`118`70

Land contracts `3`3`1

Releases `63`186`97

Uniform commercial code `0`1`2

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `66`56`52

Military discharges `1`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Oct. 7-13, 2021. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Blackmore, Sandra J / Blackmore, Billy M to Wreede, Kathleen Marie, 1818 Allentown Road, Lima, $110,000

Brown, Dionte / Ballah, Moriba / Suarez, Vanessa to Lutz, Rebekah K, 124 S. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $64,500

Burkey, Jonathan D / Burkey, Katherine A to Terry, Andrew / Terry, Kaitlan, 2291 W. Wayne St., Lima, $253,000

Cuffy, Stephen A / Cuffy, Lisa to Prosperity Builders, Inc./ Dargenson Selling And Leasing Property, Llc, 807 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $20,000

Elliot, Louann / Groh, Lynn Baldwin Attorney In Fact to Stoneburner, Michael L / Stoneburner, Vickie L, 1924 Wendell Ave., Lima, $179,400

Giffin, William W / Giffin, Judith Y to Hinkle, Jerry D, 1731 W. High St., Lima, $75,000

Grant, Linda S to Main St. Homes - Lima, Llc, 667 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $55,000

Meloy, Barbara J to Hall, Jessica M, 616 W. Eureka St., Lima, $18,000

Price, Carli J / Roby, Carli J Nka / Roby, Matthew to Roby, Debora K / Roby, John D, 2065 University Boulevard, Lima, $105,000

Redman, James M / Redman, Kathleen S to Ramsey, Susanna L, 326 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $105,000

Rutter, Brian A / Rutter, Lindsey N to Benroth, Bruce A / Burkholder, Pamela R, 1703 Sherry Lee Drive, Lima, $315,000

Sawyer, Kaitlyn M to Anderson, Benjamin, 2053 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $122,000

Smith, Lawrence T C Sr / Baker-Smith, Carmen to Russell, Floyd, 918 Holmes Ave., Lima, $15,000

Trepp, L.L.C./ Wagoner, Renee Marie / Trepp Llc Wtta to Wagoner, Wayne Alan, 780 Holly St., Lima, $5,500

Winkler, Helena A to Kerby, Eric, 1319 W. Hazel Ave., Lima, $5,000


Graham, Michael Thomas / Graham, Elizabeth M to Rider, Daniel / Rider, Andrea, 2745 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $264,000


Accord, Harold / Accord, Kimberly to Sodders, Douglas / Sodders, Claudia, 2936 W. High St., Lima, $245,000

Baughman, Joe A / Baughman, Sarah Kay to Ordonez, Jared / Ordonez, Shanin / Ordonez, Elsa / Moctezuma Ordonez, Elsa Eugenia Aka / Moctezuma, Elsa Eugenia Ordonez Aka, 2210 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $190,000

Casey, Michael E / Casey, Rhonda S to Conrad, Shane R / Braxton, Madison N, 1657 Benham Drive, Lima, $205,000

Deeble, Darlene K to Begmatov, Hoshimjon J, 2129 Aspen Drive, Lima, $150,000

Kuoni Investments, Llc to Williams, Brian R, 110 Hartford Court, Lima, $65,000

Lowry, Teresa Administrator / Estate Of Gloria A Vincent/ Vincent, Gloria A Estate to Vine, Sara E, 2515 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $130,000

Mack, Ernest to Howard, Mary Ann / Howard, Amos, 125 Eagles Point West, Lima, $135,000

Peyton Lands, Llc to Hhlm, Llc, 2115-2117 Elida Road, Lima, $450,000


Chapman Warehouse, Llc to Evanston Ave Holdings, Ltd., 200 Chapman Road, Lima, $3,400,000

Mann, Angela S / Mann, Rebekah L to Miller, Terrance L / Miller, Peggy D, 3844 Yale Ave., Lima, $137,000

Rummel, Marcia to Heise, Dianna M / Heise, Melissa / Heise, Perry, 3857 Cambridge Place, Lima, $125,500

Rummel, Marcia to Heise, Dianna M / Heise, Perry / Heise, Melissa, 3857 Cambridge Place, Lima, $122,500


Marquart, Austin P to Elrod, Jacob B, 217 Grove St., Bluffton, $175,800

Nancy A Rooney Revocable Trust/ Rooney, Timothy E Co-Trustee to A Matter Of The Heart, Inc., 184 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, $245,000


Cwc Rentals Limited to Caputo, Kathryn H, 101 Holland Ave., Delphos, $46,500

Moore, Zak / Moore, Kristy to Haselman, Alexa M / Jackson, Jaret T, 635 E. 5th St., Delphos, $156,000

Robinson, Julia Marie Executor / Estate Of Karen S Robinson/ Robinson, Karen S Estate / Robinson, Karen Sue Aka Estate / Robinson, Karen Sue Aka Decd / Robinson, Karen S Decd to Langhals Enterprises Llc, 708 Harmon St., Delphos, $153,000

Wurst, Mark R / Backus, David S / Backus, Susan M / Wurst, Dianna to Backus, David S / Backus, Susan M, 302 S. Main St., Delphos, $26,000


Glasco, Robert D Jr to Sturgeon, Tod R / Sturgeon, Cara B, 309 Pioneer Road, Elida, $260,000


Houser, Heather Lynn Guardian / Estate Of Wendy Hill/ Hill, Wendy Estate / Hill, Wendy A Aka Estate to Knoch, Kasey, 274 N. Phillips Road, Harrod, $164,000


Maldonado, Noe / Maldonado, Tammy E to Bonnett, Elliott, 1602-1604 Zeits Ave., Lima, $72,500

Nickles, James M to Hollis, Tommy, South Thayer Road, Lima, $33,000

Ryan Kottenbrock, Maureen S / Ryan, Maureen S Aka / Kottenbrock, Maureen S Ryan to Rickard, Wayne, 4090 Clum Road, Lima, $21,666


Headley, Christopher to Mullen, Brooke, 2120 Rose Ave., Cridersville, $44,200

Lbc Investments, Llc to Ball, Shannon Trustee / Andreoni, Danielle Trustee / Andrew J. Johnsman and Deborah A. Johnsman Family Trust, 3497 Camden Place, Lima, $264,800

Mckinley, Brian W / Mckinley, Jessica L to Siefker, Austin, 671 Algonkin Trail, Lima, $275,000


O’Neill Construction Service, Inc. to Coil, Jeffrey L, 304 N. Main, Spencerville, $23,000


Lane, Jone E / Lane, James R Attorney In Fact to Cook, Jonathan C / Cook, Chelsey, 2540 Irvin Road, Lima, $445,000

Thurston, Timothy D / Thurston, Linda L to Erickson, Nathan Brian / Erickson, Cheyenne Hope, 4350 Ridge Road, Lima, $237,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `87`93`60

Mortgage `98`118`70

Land contracts `3`3`1

Releases `63`186`97

Uniform commercial code `0`1`2

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `66`56`52

Military discharges `1`0`1

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