Land transfers, Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2021

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Mortgage `105`93`118

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Releases `112`80`185

Uniform commercial code `4`0`1

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Miscellaneous `42`51`56

Military discharges `0`2`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 30 through Oct. 6. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Accord, Kimberly J/Accord, Harold E to Anayaburgos, Jonanthony, 510 Columbia Drive, Lima, $125,000

Bear, Andrew J/Horst, Rahcel L/Bear, Rahcel L Nka to Jacobs, William G Iii, 1802 W. High St., Lima, $135,000

Burg, William to Burg, Patricia R, 749 Brice Ave., Lima, $121,000

C&C Property Management, Llc to Colvin, Brandon, 619 W. Murphy St., Lima, $37,000

D & S Investments Of Lima, Llc to Islamic Society Of Greater Lima, 1800 Allentown Road, Lima, $112,500

Devier, Gary L/Devier, Judith C to Nofzinger, Janet, 1713 Leland Ave., Lima, $96,000

Diepenbrock, Cora A to Nathan, Sheronda D, 2025 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $129,500

Ehrhardt, Earl F to Page, Mark A/Page, Kathy, 852 West North St., Lima, $12,500

Hawkey, Chad A to Funderburg, Erik P, 1740 Latham Ave., Lima, $112,000

Hennon, Suzanne Co-Trustee/Dan Hennon Revocable Trust/ Suzanne Hennon Revocable Trust to Ritzman, James L/Ritzman, Marcia L, 2542 Debbie Drive, Lima, $285,000

Hone, Lawrence C Successor Trustee/Hone Trust to Casey, Michael/Casey, Rhonda, 2601 Kimberly Drive, Lima, $240,000

Laws, Makenzi to Jones, David Henry, South Main Street and 112 W. 6th St., Lima, $8,000

Macdonell, George to Herrera, Vicente A/Herrera, Nicole B, 342 S. Kenilworth Place, Lima, $159,900

Mumma, Farah to Pine Street Petroleum Llc, 518 E. Kibby St., Lima, $32,000

New Lima Homes, Llc/ Mvah Holding, Llc/ New Lima Homes Gp, Llc to Breaston, Grace, 1306 Chestnut St., Lima, $65,000

Northup, Jordan Ross/Northrup, Nadia Saba to Bailey, Kayla/Byrns, Chase E, 1347 Essex Drive, Lima, $67,000

Ott, Dan/Ott, Kimberly to Ehrhardt, Earl F, 852 W. North St., Lima, $7,000

Panos, Athanasios to Heaphy Harmony Real Estate, Llc, 241 S. Main St., Lima, $550,000

Parker, Edward J/Treece, Kaitlynn M/Parker, Kaitlynn M Nka to Doute, Geoffrey A/Doute, Vivian, 224 N. Dale Drive, Lima, $115,000

Torres, Carlos/Torres, Sheila E to Binkley, Tyler J/Binkley, Michael L, 1239 North West St., Lima, $48,000


Butler, Kristy to Hefner, Todd L, 7164 Spencerville Road, Lima, $170,000

Hoback, Amy Elizabeth/Hoback, Shane S/Woods, Julie L/Woods, Brian D/Hoback, Amy Elizabeth Wtta to French, Donald P/Burgei, Angela, 8141 Agerter Road, Delphos, $145,000


Conrad, Shane R to Bermudez, Ramon O/Torres, Delymar, 2430 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $130,000

Faze, Jerry L/Faze, Julia E to Ames, Allen M, 5477 Quince Court, Lima, $239,000

Lamb, Fred/Lamb, Gina to Heise, George O Jr, 1033 Sherman Ave., Lima, $56,500

Mosel, Margaret A to Ferguson, Katrina R, 1495 Bittersweet Drive, Lima, $170,000

Shrader, Joshua/Shrader, Laura to Lybarger, Jessica/Kilgore, Lucus, 4889 Hummingbird St., Lima, $275,000

Spencer, Matthew G to Keirns, Jane R, 2982 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $209,000

Wende, Joshua/Wende, Marna A to Wallace, Dewey V/Wallace, Patricia K, 2650 Koop Road, Lima, $35,000

Williams, Debra K Trustee/Clement, Richard Trustee/Graessle Living Trust to Jones, Richard R/Jones, Christine L, 3619 Cherokee Drive, Lima, $267,000

Wright, Michael L/Wright, Opie L to Pearl, Lanelle, 2961 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $157,000


Burden, Cindi L/Burden, Michael to Burden, Debra G, 911 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $144,000

Herbst, Michael M/Herbst, Theresa to Schoeff, Cody/Schoeff, Ashley E, 810 Heritage Drive, Lima, $289,900

Mowery, Sarah B to Rodrigues, Jesse/Rodrigues, Virginia, 3472 Early Ave., Lima, $146,300


Fultz, Nancy E Trustee/Nancy E. Fultz Revocable Trust to Ochoa, Katjen E, 201 N. Jackson St., Bluffton, $59,700


Mackay, Andrew S/Mackay, Rebecca J to Macphail, Gordon C/Macphail, Mary E, 5677 Clover Ridge, Elida, $235,000

Thompson, Peter S/Thompson, Cara A to Colvin, Brandon, 201 E. Main St., Elida, $142,500


Williams, Jane/Williams, Robert A to Moritz, Leola, 6161 E, Bluelick Road, Lima, $72,500


127 High Street Llc to Everhardt, Ashley M, 127 S. High St., Lafayette, $70,000


Bonifas, John J Trustee/Bonifas Family Living Trust/ Bonifas, Catherine T Trustee to Bonifas, Brock J, Redd Road, LIma, $163,600


Dyer, Nathan/Dyer, Daphna to Lanning, Micah S/Lanning, Nicole A, 5185 Clum Road, Lima, $270,000


Altenbach, John K/Altenbach, Deborah L to Baumgardner, Christine M/Baumgardner, Brett, 143 Tolowa Trail, Lima, $279,900

Bullock, Patricia Ann Aka Decd/Estate Of Patricia A Bullock/ Bullock, Patricia A Estate/Bullock, Kevin A Executor to Hardesty, Hunter M, 2419 Britt Ave, Lima, $186,000

Ford, Patricia Jean/Ford, Patricia J Aka to T & L 777 Investments, Llp, 1909 Frail Road, Lima, $45,000

Harrod, Kenneth C/Goodwin, S Lynn Attorney In Fact to Kammer, Scott D Trustee/Niebel, Kathy E Trustee/Kathy E Niebel Revocable Trust, 112 Dabill Place, Lima, $270,900

Hile, James Robert/Hile, Dianne to Goddard, Roger E/Goddard, Ruth A, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 402, Lima, $75,500

Lingad, Emmanuel Diego Jr/Lingad, Ma Jesusa Diwa/Diwa Lingad, Ma Jesusa to Bacome, Thomas L/Bacome, Dianne E, 3082 Indian Hill Drive, Lima, $475,000

Mcdonough, Margaret A/Maupin, Susan M Attorney In Fact to Hmbl Properties, Llc, 2081 Sandy Lane, Lima, $110,000

Miller, Megan Elizabeth to Miller Andrews, Rita Kay/Kay, Rita Kay Miller, 924 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $380,000

Miloser, Adam J/Miloser, Leah B to Derose, William D/Derose, Jennifer B, 2959 Sands Road, Lima, $370,000

Richard L Williams And Donna E Williams Family Limited Partnership to Mcclendon, Melanie A/Murino, James A, 4046 Cypress Drive, Lima, $31,500

Risser, Tracy A/Nartker, Ronda Sue to Patrick, Lacey J, 166 Tolowa Trail, Lima, $240,000

Tall Guy Properties Llc to Gibson, Donald/Gibson, Sarah A, 2035 Huntington Drive, Lima, $229,900


Westenkircher, Angela M Successor Co-Trustee/Youngpeter, Anthony T Successor Co-Trustee/Sharon K Youngpeter Revocable Living Trust to Hardesty, Rick L/Hardesty, April L/Riley, April L Aka, 210 S. Mullberry St., Spencerville, $299,000


Lloyd, Bruce G/Lloyd, Viola E to Ludington, John T, Bussert Road, Lima, $30,000

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Deeds `69`91`93

Mortgage `105`93`118

Land contracts `1`1`3

Releases `112`80`185

Uniform commercial code `4`0`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `42`51`56

Military discharges `0`2`1

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