Land transfers, Sept. 23-29, 2021

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Deeds `98`88`91

Mortgage `135`95`93

Land contracts `1`1`1

Releases `101`146`80

Uniform commercial code `3`3`0

Terminations `0`0`1

Miscellaneous `83`73`51

Military discharges `0`0`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 23 through Sept. 29, 2021. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


A A Wrights, Llc to Heaphy Harmony Real Estate, Llc, South Central Ave., 201 S. Union St., and South Union St., Lima, $150,000

Ball, John / Ball, Thomas J Ii Aka / Ball, Angela / Ball, Angela B Aka to K&N Investments & Consulting Inc., 1066 W. Market St., Lima, $44,000

Burg, Patricia R to Niese, Andrea L / Niese, Joshua, 753 Brice Ave., Lima, $48,000

Citizen’s Building Corporation to Samsum Llc, 209 N. Main St., Lima, $450,000

Earl, Forest M / Earl, Mackenzie to Bridenstine, Austin, 427 Marian Ave., Lima, $77,000

Galbraith, Robert A / Galbraith, Dixie L to Adams, Thomas L / Adams, Rebecca A, 1748 Sherry Lee Drive., Lima, $229,900

Gearing, Blaine / Gearing, Michelle to Hite, Daniel R C / Hite, Nancy, 1565 Rice Ave., Lima, $116,333

Kincaid, Walter H Jr / Kincaid, Peggy J to Demarco, Velma J, 705 Cornell Drive, Lima, $153,600

Lepo, David / Lepo, David A to Knight, Jason / Knight, Holly, 1815 Lowell Ave., Lima, $290,000

Meyer, Robert H Iv Administrator / Estate Of Debra Mae Dupler/ Dupler, Debra Mae Estate / Dupler, Debra M Aka Estate to Vision 4 Investments, Llc, 857 Brendonwood Drive, Lima, $22,800

Morales, Amber J / Morales, Eduardo G to Golden, Morgan A / Kirby, Nathaniel L, 905 Cornell Drive, Lima, $127,000

Pc Thompson Investments, Llc to Smith, Craig / Smith, Jill, 879 W. Elm St., Lima, $184,500

Swords Property Management Ltd. to Green, Carolyn, 905 E. Second St., Lima, $12,000

Trent, James A / Trent, Joann to Thaxton, Barry / Thaxton, Connie, 1790 Frail Road, Lima, $187,000


Youngpeter, Mark L Co-Executor / Youngpeter, Janett L Decd / Howard, Michelle A Co-Executor / Lee, Michelle A Fka Co-Executor / Estate Of Janett L Youngpeter to Hil Properties, Llc, 665 N. Defiance Trail, Spencerville, $205,000


Bechtel, Robert A / Bechtel, Cherly L to Laird, Amanda / Laird, Joshua, 527 Tonkawa Trail, Lima, $675,000

Clement, Mark A / Clement, Christine L to Rumbaugh Properties, Llc, 112 Parakeet Place, Lima, $85,000

Mcnamara, Barbara A Trustee to Dawson, Ralph F Iii / La Roche-Dawson, Marilyn M, 21 Beaumont Place, Lima, $176,000

Roberts, Loverta N to Roberts, Kevin, 222 S. Copus Road, Lima, $54,000

Ryan, Connie J to County Line Investments, Llc, 3521 Diller Road, Lima, $90,000

Meyer, Robert H Iv Administrator / Estate Of Debra Mae Dupler/ Dupler, Debra Mae Estate / Dupler, Debra M Aka to Vision 4 Investments, Llc, 547 Sandpiper St., Lima, $42,800

Noble, Kenneth Ray to Contreras, Walter Flores, Powers Avenue, Lima, $10,000


Aller, Kayl to Collins, Casey M / Lawrence, Jennifer, 3015-3021 Johnson Road, Harrod, $34,000

Plaugher, Patricia J / Plaugher, Leslie D / Slusher, Harold / Slusher, Donald E / Slusher, Barbara to Brown, Joseph D / Brown, Emily A, 4820 S. Hardin Road, Alger, $364,000

Weaver, Janet L Trustee / Janet L. Weaver Living Trust to Kennedy, Kevin / Kennedy, Jodi, 9373 Harrod Road, Harrod, $74,500


Marks, Marylou J / Marks, James to Culp, Bryan L Jr, 2850 Reservoir Road, Lima, $173,100

Mckissick, Georgianna L to Mckissick, Telea M / Mckissick, William A Ii, 3243 Berryhill Road, Lima, $115,200

Baldridge, Roy N / Baldridge, Esther M / Gascho, Esther M Fka to Khan, Ghulam R / Khan, Farkhanda, 840 Yorkshire Drive, Lima, $325,000

Bogard, Carly to Klofta, Jarod, 1513 Grant St., Lima, $5,200

Gemini Apartment Rentals, Llc to Quality R & C Properties, 962-964 Yorkshire Drive, Lima, $195,300


Gleason, Scott L / Gleason, Tiffany B to Warren, John A, 171 W. Kibler St., Bluffton, $197,900

Three S Development Group, Llc to Shutler, Larry / Shutler, Sheila, 320 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $69,900


Eichert, Anthony Jr / Eichert, Sydney to Campbell, Brittany, 429 W. Main St., Cairo, $69,900


Gable, Clint J Trustee / Trust Agreement Of The Gable Family to Suever, Rhonda L / Suever, Elaine D, 1331 Joshua St., Delphos, $350,000

Rdcr Properties, Llc to Lucas, Kurt, 702 N. Main St., Delphos, $73,000

Vasquez, Amanda M / Gagle, Patricia A / Gagle, Derek to Kenkade, Llc, 424 Grant St., Delphos, $23,000


Cline, Sharyn P to Tomsett, Trinity N, 217 E. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $112,500

Hood Cossey, L V / Whipple, Deena Alice Poa / Cossey, L V Hood to Kline, Joshua M, 201 W. Main St., Elida, $15,200

All Service Properties, Llc-1 to Welly Properties, Llc, 4511 Elida Road, Lima, $3,000,000


Pinks, James G / Pinks, Ferlin L / Pinks, Teri / Pinks, Dee / Pinks, Carmen to Basil, Delaree / Basil, Bruce, 357 S. Walnut St., Harrod, $220,000


Quality R & C Properties, Llc to Lehman, Lonnie L / Lehman, Linda L, Sugar Creek Road, Lima, $65,000



Schimmoeller, Anne L / Schimmoeller, Glenn / Schimmoeller, Anne L Attorney In Fact / Grone, Dennis G / Grone, Lisa / Grone, Michael P / Grone, Donna / Grone, Anthony F / Grone, Celeste / Grone, Mark I / Grone, Sara Elizabeth / Strother, Julie G / Strother, John / Burgei, Janet M to Pohlman, David R, Elida Avenue, Delphos, $162,300

Smoll, John M Co-Trustee / Smoll, Thelma D Co-Trustee / John M And Thelma D Smoll Trust to Lawson, Dewayne / Lawson, Charissa, 3333 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $54,000


Denson, Willie L to Starr, Aneta / T-N-T Landscaping And Home Improvements, Llc, 1816 Clyde Ave., Lima, $1,500

Wreede, Roxie to Wireman, Roger, 1830 Clyde Ave., Lima, $5,500


Cannon, John A / Cannon, Marcia K to Johnson, Tracy / Johnson, Travis, 2945 Sands Road, Lima, $325,000

Carroll, Beverly J Trustee / Beverly J Carroll Revocable Trust to Bollenburg, Michael L / Bollenberg, Cynthia S, 1755 Shawnee Road, unit 206, Lima, $75,000

Grumblis, Edward E Administrator / Estate Of Michael Joseph Grumblis/ Grumblis, Michael Joseph Estate / Grumblis, Michael J Aka Estate to Jek Rental Properties, Llc, 1044 Arcadia Ave., Lima, $145,000

House, Vickie L / House, Kendall to Cannon, Marica / Cannon, John Allen, 2231 Hampton Court, Lima, $465,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association to Jehovah Jireh Dwellings, Llc, 2019 Rose Ave., Lima, $34,166

Minhas, Veenu / Kumar, Pankaj to Singh, Parminder, 4663 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $380,000

Shawnee Development, Ltd. to Ayers, Michael J / Ayers, Pamela J, 2600 Gaithersburg Drive, Lima, $48,000

Gronas, Vanessa K / Gronas, Troy to May, Lucas M / May, Cassidy L, 1556 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $215,000

Krites, Nicholas J / Krites, Kathleen A to Schenk, Derryll / Schenk, Amy, 5550 Delong Road, Lima, $700,000


Schnipke, Marsha S / Mcclintock, Marsha S Nka to Zack, Greg P, 319 S. Main St., Spencerville, $108,000


Overholt, Brian / Overholt, Robert B Aka / Overholt, R Brian Aka to Overholt, Riley J / Overholt, Rachel A, 4405 Stemen St., Lima, $150,000

Montgomery, Jan M to Burkey, Jonathan D / Burkey, Katherine A, 4545 Pioneer Road, Elida, $430,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `98`88`91

Mortgage `135`95`93

Land contracts `1`1`1

Releases `101`146`80

Uniform commercial code `3`3`0

Terminations `0`0`1

Miscellaneous `83`73`51

Military discharges `0`0`2

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