Land transfers, Sept. 16-22, 2021

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Deeds `100`95`88

Mortgage `120`83`95

Land contracts `1`0`1

Releases `99`133`146

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `57`34`73

Military discharges `1`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 16-22, 2021. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Bell, Darlyn A/Mckinley, Linda L Attorney In Fact to Johnson, Ryan A/Huffman, Paige A, 2024 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $95,500

Butler, Jan D/Butler, Debbie to Kilgore, Robert C/Kilgore, Deborah K, 425 E. McKibben St., Lima, $15,000

Cora Financial Limited Liability Company to Refuge Realty Ohio LLC, 423 E. McKibben St., Lima, $63,000

Cuffy, Lisa/Cuffy, Stephen A to Dargensen Selling And Leasing Property, LLC/ Prosperity Builders, Inc., 401 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $20,000

G & G Ii, LLC to Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole, 811 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $1,800

Gipson, Santana J to Lee, Marquis, 744 & 744 1/2-748 N. Main St., Lima, $9,000

Irons, Alberta/Roberson, Yvonne D to Curtis, Paul, 230 W. 9th St., Lima, $55,000

Kramp, Nathaniel E/Kill, Kayle Amelia Diane to Walker, Aaron Spencer, 631 Runyan Ave., Lima, $80,000

Lepiota Rentals Ltd/ M & M Rentals Ltd. to Lyons, Jeffrey L/Kuhn-Lyons, Catherine, 125 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $42,000

Long, Shawn D/Long, Josie to Rentz, Adam/Rentz, Mckenna Y, 310 S. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $133,000

M & M Rentals Ltd. to Lyons, Jeffrey L/Kuhn-Lyons, Mary Catherine, 133 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $42,000

Mefferd, Katelyn C to Diller, Zachary C/Michael, Kaitlyn L, 2086 W. Wayne St., Lima, $115,000

Sandlin, Cherie/Waldron, Laura to Gordon, Torey/Hoffman, Audrianna, 1331 Diller Road, Lima, $157,000

Sfp Pool Six, LLC to Pool 6 Properties, LLC, 771 Lost Creek Boulevard, Lima, $1,368,333

Tar Land, LLC to Stay Awhile Rentals, LLC, 220 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $55,000

Tar Land, LLC to Maag, Terry/Maag, Mary, 1028 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $50,000


Mauk, Karl D Ii/Barzyk, Darla/Martin, Darla Fka/Bolen, Marla/Mauk, Kenyon D/Mauk, Kyle D/Mauk, Theresa L/Martin, Darla Fka/Barzyk, Kenneth/Mauk, Jennifer L to Wassink, Joseph A/Wassink, Michelle A, South Grubb Road, Lima, $25,000

Honigford, Dolores J to Ricker, Carol A, 415 N. Sunderland Road, Delphos, $87,500


Bontrager, Roman D/Bontrager, Rebecca G to Johnston, Josie P, 3195 Allentown Road, Lima, $155,000

Built Rite Builders, LLC to Combs, Daniel R/Combs, Connie K, 3755 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $354,900

Graham, Karla J/Fanning, Karla J Nka/Fanning, Tommy to Shaw, Garrett T, 2550 Susan Ann Drive, Lima, $114,000

Johnson, Wendy F to Rose, Eric L/Rose, Kristen J, 1938-1940 Edgewood Drive, Lima, $177,500

Thomas, Jeffrey N/Thomas, Melissa K to Hunter, James K/Hunter, Pamela E, 2219 Augusta Drive, Lima, $205,000

Watkins, Michael A/Watkins, Barbara J/Watkins, Patrick A/Watkins, Donna J to Pugh, Richard/Pugh, Shannon Marie, 114 Burlington Place, Lima, $132,000


Basil, Bruce A/Basil, Delaree J to Lloyd, Amber R/Lloyd, Austin M, 8400 Faulkner Road, Harrod, $276,000

Janovyak, Emily to Nickles, Casey, 9449 Harrod Road, Harrod, $116,000


Baughman, Shane M/Baughman, Maria to Everhardt, Chad L, 1495 N. Cool Road, Lima, $229,000

Gary Bierly Enterprises, Inc. to Bucher, John D/Bucher, Teresa S, Hadsell Road, Lima, $279,400

Haniford, Timothy J/Haniford, Christina L to Jordan, Adam R/Jordan, Stephanie J, 5575 Sandusky Road, Lima, $295,900

Hawk, Ellen R/Holtsberry, M Candas Attorney In Fact to Wright, O Roger, 706 Saratoga Ave., Lima, $91,300

May, Daniel W Co-Executor/Willmington, Christine J Co-Executor/Estate Of Mary J May/ May, Mary J Estate Decd/May, Mary Jane Aka Decd to May, Kayla, 3985 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $137,000

Spencer, Christopher D/Spencer, Stephanie R to Holsapple, Jariah/Holsapple, Rebecca, 4666 Stewart Road, LIma, $345,000

Wagner, John C/Wagner, Cynthia J to Lugibihl, Kenneth D/Lugibihl, Diana L, 1712-1714 Findlay Road, Lima, $120,000


Buller, Judy E/Buller, Glenn to Sprunger, Samuel/Sprunger, Brienne, 151 HiLLCrest Dr., Bluffton, $290,100

Burris, Michael A/Burris, Mary L to Keuneke, Nicole, 615 S. Main St., Bluffton, $325,000

Perry, Joseph T/Perry, Cynthia M to Schumm, Zachary Robert/Harvey, Megan Elaine, 326 Hancock Road, Bluffton, $135,000

Shelly, Elizabeth B to Vastano, Jennifer A/Vastano, Shawn D, 104 Hawthorn Court, Bluffton, $295,000

Wagner, John C/Wagner, Cynthia J to Geiger, Robert E/Geiger, Patty L, Susan Drive, Bluffton, $28,000


J And K Investments LLC to Starr, Randall E, 207 S. Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $49,900

Holsapple, Jariah/Holsapple, Rebecca to Thomas, Jeffrey N/Thomas, Melissa K, 2950 Whippoorwill Ave., Lima, $260,000

Leis, Howard D/Leis, Jennifer Lynne Attorney In Fact/Leis, Jennifer L Poa to Leis, Andrew/Leis, Chelsea, 102 Roger St., Lima, $74,800

Wood, Hannah M to Gardner, Michael D/Gardner, Brooke A, 4681 Amaryllis St., Elida, $299,900


Kohli, Dale D/Weaver, Janet L/Weaver, Janet Lee Aka/Pope, Melody J Attorney In Fact to Huber, Crystal J/Huber, Joshua, 433 N. McClure Rd. Lima, $263,000


Plaugher, Edwin E/Plaugher, Suzan to Strickland, Vincent C, 500 E. Lincoln Highway, Columbus Grove, $185,000


Deosaran, Arjoon/Deosaran, Holly to Herron, Melvin, East 16th Street, LIma, $3,500

Acheson, Barbara/Acheson, Barbara A Aka to Vanvoorhis, Chad R, 5520 Bellefontaine Road, Lima, $60,100

R & K Gorby, LLC to Katterhenry Investment Properties, LLC/ Primeland Hospitality, LLC, 1920 Roschman Ave., Lima, $4,800,000

Schoenberger, Michael R/Schoenberger, Amanda to Davis, John, 1900 Kingston Ave., Lima, $9,000


Gilica, Susan Executor/Conrad, Joyce A Decd/Williams, Joyce A Fka Decd to Mason, Arnie/Mason, Joyce, 7100 Cool Road, Columbus Grove, $150,000

Vastano, Jennifer A/Vastano, Shawn D to Slager, Jacob E/Slager, Jami L, 9099 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $450,000


Arnold, Anna Mae/Lehman, Heidi Jo Attorney In Fact to Whittaker, Quinn C/Whittaker, Joe J, 1640 Fairway Dr., Lima, $220,000

Boroff, Jeanera to Moorman, Shawn, 177 W. Hume Road, Lima, $10,000

Bugenstein, Shirley M to Swem, Faith A/Swem, Andrew T, 1600 Pro Drive, Lima, $200,000

Collins, Casey M to Wurst, Caitlin M, 4101 Susan Lane, Lima, $175,000

Dorian Capital Inc. to Big Blue Lake Investments LLC, 845 Shawnee Road, Lima, $975,000

Grothouse, Helen M/Musto, Patricia L Attorney In Fact to Williams, Glenn A/Williams, Lana R, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 309, Lima, $75,900

Lbc Investments, LLC to Wood, Hannah, 3499 Camden Place, Lima, $267,600

Mathew, Jeffrey L/Mathew, Jeanie S/Mathew, Regina S Aka to Darbyshire, Jordan M, 1340 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $215,000

Mcgue, Kay E to Mcgue, Matthew, 1291 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $22,000

O’Connor, Aidan John to Randick, Sherice, 2747 East Amblewood Circle, Lima, $240,000

Turicum, LLC to Northrup Group, LLC, 3510 and 3528 Georgian Ave., Lima, $550,000

Unverferth Construction, Inc. to Gross, Shawn/Gross, Ginny, 4040 Cypress Drive, Lima, $27,000

Vonderembse, Chad/Vonderembse, Sydney to Pseekos, Thomas J, 2734 Gaithersburg Drive, Lima, $49,100

Saam, Alex E Jr/Saam, Kelley M to Saam, Travis, 4761 Dixie Highway, Lima, $60,000


K & M Business Services, LLC to L And R Farms, LLC, 424 N. Mulberry St., Spencerville, $82,500

Rex, Linda N Executor/Rex, Linda M Aka Executor/Estate Of Rodger Leroy Rex/ Rex, Rodger Leroy Estate/Rex, Rodger L Aka Estate to Upchurch, Charles A, 315 N. Canal St., Spencerville, $57,800

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Deeds `100`95`88

Mortgage `120`83`95

Land contracts `1`0`1

Releases `99`133`146

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `57`34`73

Military discharges `1`0`0

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