Land transfers, Sept. 2-8, 2021

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Deeds `74`109`65

Mortgage `74`105`80

Land contracts `1`0`1

Releases `53`112`120

Uniform commercial code `0`0`0

Terminations `0`1`1

Miscellaneous `33`74`57

Military discharges `0`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 2-8, 2021. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Allure Investments, Llc to Nooks, Robert M, 720 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $40,000

Burden, Aaron L / Burden, Sarah A to Simpson, Quincey J, 733 S. Pears Ave., Lima, $104,000

Estate Of Paul A Jackson/ Lepley, Jill Executor / Jackson, Paul A Decd / Jackson, Paul Alan Decd Aka / Jackson, Paul A Estate / Estate Of Paul A Jackson to Vision 2 Investments, Llc, 116 E. Robb Ave., Lima, $35,000

Lima New Homes, Llc/ Mvah Holdings, Llc/ New Lima Homes Gp, Llc to Hunsaker, Tracey L, 1619 Norval Ave., Lima, $62,000

Mbb Futures, Llc/ B2Bay, Llc to Tarsa, Cameron, 1166 Bay Circle Dr., Lima, $92,500

North, Brian to Van Voorhis, Chad R , 802 S. Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $10,000

Vanvoorhis, Chad R / Vanvoorhis, Tia M to Goston, Cherry V, 474-474 1/2 West McKibben St., Lima, $79,900

Wilcutt, Tara to Fuller, Sharon, 858 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $26,500

Youngblood, Rose to Headley, Christopher L, 627 Prospect Ave., Lima, $32,500


Davis, Mark A / Davis, Elaine L to Keel, Charleen K / Keel, John E, 1309 N. Center St., Lima, $60,000

Good Vibrations Land Management, Llc to B Joseph Miller Sh Enterprises Llc, 2530 Eastown Road, Lima, $1,100,000

Howell, Ryan C / Howell, Kayla J to Lutz, Jeffrey A / Lutz, Annette L, 1610 Arlington Drive, Lima, $182,500

Humphreys, Glada to Mcvicker, Mckenzie A / Mcvicker, Kaleb J, 166 Concept Dr., Lima, $155,000

Painter, Belinda G to Coulter, Jordan L, 421 Sandpiper St., Lima, $85,000


Becker, David / Becker, Bonita L to Bly, William J, 25 Spring Brook Drive, Lima, $149,000

Dahill, Vicki J Executor / Wies, Marlene K Estate / Estate Of Marlene K Wies/ Wies, Marlene K Decd to Pratt, Terri J / Gessel, Bruce M Iii, 2100 Hill Street, Lima, $124,500

Davis, Ethel Mae to Davis, Lisa, 3949 N. Thayer Rd., Lima, $40,000


Bluffton University/ Bluffton College Fka to Wehri, Gerald J / Wehri, Jeanne L, 239 Bentley Rd., Bluffton, $169,900

Ellerbrock, Crystal to Berdin, Eric / Berdin, Adde, 144 S. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $346,500

Maple, Jason W / Maple, Marcele R to Miller, John J / Miller, Patricia K, 236 N. Spring St., Bluffton, $104,900

Sneary, Daniel to Mclaughlin, Tyler J / Heinze, Kaitlynn E, 175 Garmatter St., Bluffton, $159,000


Berkhoudt, Joshua C / Berkhoudt, Christina to Dudgeon, Jordan A, 827 S. Washington St., Delphos, $87,000

Dray, Tyler J / Zullo, Mikenzie L to Metzger, Martha Sue / Metzger, Ronald Arthur, 914 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $148,000


Koverman, Kathryn Ann Trustee / Mary Kathryn Pease Trust/ Mary K Pease Trust Aka to Schleh, John D / Schleh, Colleen B, 2118 Spruce Dr., Lima, $195,000

Selover, D Kimberly / Karcher, Deborah K / Karcher, Stanton L / Selover, Bradley S to Curl, Juli / Curl, Larry, 718 Wildwood Ave., Lima, $151,000


Donley, Zachary to Wodarski, Brett M, 101 N. Main St., Harrod, $104,000


Cooley, Bailey E / Nyler, Bailey E Fka / Wurst, Shellie D / Cooley, Michael / Wurst, Andrew J to Subler, Sherry, 10520 Elida Rd., Delphos, $185,000


Mitchell, Martha Rene to Warren, Paul Franklin / Warren, Paul F Aka, Harding Highway, Lima, $90,000


Armstrong, Susan E to Reichert, Dalton, 1409 Fulton Rd., Lima, $90,900

Buch, Mary Jo to Brinkman, Corey, 4801 Tillamook Trail, Lima, $325,000

Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo/ Debroses, Christopher A Ira to Jones, Danny D Jr, 2001 W. Hume Rd., LIma, $124,000

Fuduric, Josip / Schumann-Fuduric, Wendy A to Dorian Capital Inc., 845 Shawnee Rd., Lima, $725,000

Hunter, Brian L / Hunter, Althea D to Hunter, Matthew L, 1115 S. Wapak Rd., Lima, $95,000

Katterhenry Investment Properties, Llc to Tetrad Partners, Llc/ Cam Court, Llc, 111 Cam Court, Lima, $2,200,000

Kohlhorst, Jodi A to Gillis, Chad J , 3680 S. Amblewood Circle, Lima, $188,200

Thompson, Nyshuma M to Saalfrank, Larkin W, 1333 Timberlane Dr., Lima, $250,000

Tilton, Neha J / Patel, Neha J Fka / Tilton, Lee A Jr to Edwards, Ian S / Edwards, Christen Marie, 3053 Lakeshore Drive, Lima, $550,000

Williams, Glenn A / Williams, Lana to Wright, Adam, 1755 Shawnee Rd., Apt. 605, Lima, $75,000


Sunny Hill Farms, Inc. Ro/ Sunny Hills Farms, Inc. A.K.A. to Board Of Commissioners, Allen County, Ohio, Gomer Road, Lima , $2,700

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `74`109`65

Mortgage `74`105`80

Land contracts `1`0`1

Releases `53`112`120

Uniform commercial code `0`0`0

Terminations `0`1`1

Miscellaneous `33`74`57

Military discharges `0`0`1

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