Land transfers, August 26-Sept. 1, 2021

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 26 through Sept. 1. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Barbee, Michael J to Jordan, Sean P / Jordan, Sarah J, 2240 W. Wayne St., Lima, $224,000

Boop, Sandra E to Huff, Jason, 320 Haller St., Lima, $15,000

Bradley, Lisa R to Hauenstein, Susan K, 521 S. Judkins Ave., Lima, $100,000

Brennan, Amy / Brennan, Gary Brooks to Kronshagen, Adam M, 1846 W. High St., Lima, $165,000

Brinkman, Llc to Bmj Building Specialists, Llc., 807 Maplewood Drive, Lima, $64,000

Btrans Group, Llc to Curtis, Larry G / Curtis, Barbara J, 2020 Ann Way, Lima, $161,500

Cooper, Daisy Mae to Dukes, Antoin / Dukes, Lakesa, 322 E. 4th St., Lima, $9,000

Fannie Mae/ Federal National Mortgage Association A/K/A/ Rm Title, Llc Attorney In Fact to Vision 2 Investments, Llc, 2405 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $41,000

Freels, Marc / Freels, Kim D to Clemens, Kelly J, 1215 Virginia Ave., Lima, $81,000

Garlock, Vincent E Executor / Estate Of Patricia Louise Garlock/ Garlock, Patricia Louise Estate / Garlock, Patricia L Aka Estate / Garlock, Patricia Aka Estate to Hooks, Amy L, 1563 West High St., Lima, $92,000

George, Richard A Trustee / Richard A George And Rosella C George Revocable Living Trust/ George, Richard A to Provonsil, Brandon, 1563 W. High St., Lima, $55,000

Good, Keaton to Good, Kayla N, 622 Ewing Ave., Lima, $113,000

Hall, Gregory A / Hall, Brandy to Colvin, Brandon, 628-630 E. Kibby St., Lima, $65,000

Harshbarger Properties, Llc to Uprise Investments Llc, 522-524 S. Main St., Lima, $200,000

Horn, Devin / Horn, Elizabeth to Ruhlen, Gina D, 1024 E. High St., Lima, $61,400

Kohli, Randal L / Kohli, Christine A to Miller, Emanuel Wayne / Miller, Kayla, 708 N. Cole St., Lima, $52,000

Newland, Susette / Newland, Michael L to Darbyshire, Lindsay D, 826 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $84,000

O’Connor Investment Properties, Llc to Rojas, Dulce C Montenegro / Montenegro Rojas, Dulce C / Reyes, Eric Arellano , 214 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $27,000

Pereira, Teresinha A / Martins, Emilia P Attorney In Fact to Honey Run Investments, Llc, 1115 N. Central Ave., Lima; 1129 Bahama Drive, Lima; 645 S. Dana Ave., Lima; 713 Woodward Ave., Lima; 867 N. Main St., Lima, 114 Partridge Place, Lima; 800 N. Cole St., Lima and 610 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $370,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Cameron Real Estate, Llc Et Al/ Treasurer Of Allen County to Croft, Joseph / Herr, Nicole, 324-326 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $1,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Jones, Sandra J / Treasurer Of Allen County to Croft, Joseph / Herr, Nicole, 224 E. Vine St., Lima, $3,000

Simpson, Lorna to Simpson, Kayonna, 426 S. Collett St., Lima, $78,000

Smith, Larry to Sorrels, Durelle Douglas, 838 W. Wayne St., Lima, $8,500

Smith, Martha J Et Al / Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Matteson, David W, 816 E. Kibby St. Lima, $30,500

Tolbert, Elizabeth A Executor / Estate Of Henry L Tolbert Jr/ Tolbert, Elizabeth A to Abicar, Llc, 708 Catalpa Ave., Lima, $10,000

Wienken, Hubert / Wienken, Karen to Priddy, Nikki D / Sweigart, Tyler J, 1222 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $147,500

Williams, Patricia A / Williams, Melvin J to Beggin, Brad E / Beggin, Michelle M, 2227 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $260,000

Wright, Jennifer S / Wright, Clint E to Clymer, Amanda N, 125 S. Roberts Ave., Lima, $136,000

Zapp, Todd to Palin, Anthony T, 428 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $74,000


Fulton, Seth W / Fulton, Seth Aka / Fulton, Liza to Burris, Richard L Jr / Burris, Kerry, 880 S. Conant Rd., Spencerville, $168,500

Hughes, Kenneth J Jr / Hughes, Kathy L to Reed, Tami Sue, 7202 Spencerville Road, Lima, $302,000


Combs, Daniel R / Combs, Connie K to Smith, James L / Smith, Mary O, 4068 Lilly Drive, Lima, $410,000

Damron, Carmen D Trustee / Carmen D Spayd Nka Carmen D Damron Revocable Living Trust to Rex, Jacob Andrew / Rex, Elizabeth, 2440 Sherwood Dr., Lima, $177,000

Good, David W / Good, Janet to Pugin, Carl / Pugin, Jennifer, 3626 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $30,000

Good, David W / Good, Janet to B & N Homes Llc, 3603 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $35,500

Good, David W / Good, Janet to Pugin, Carl / Pugin, Jennifer, 3714 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $32,000

Good, David W / Good, Janet to Pugin Builders, Inc, 3739 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $32,000

Reed, Tami S to Good, Keaton / Miles, Cierra, 2935 Koop Rd., Lima, $184,000

Roebuck, Nicholas to Ward, Makayla J / Ridenour, Richard W, 1701 N. West St., Lima, $137,000


Neal, Scott A / Neal, Teraca D to Houston, Carly M / Houston, Eric L, 8525 Harrod Rd., Harrod, $260,000


Downhower, Sandra K to Dunlap, Tara / Dunlap, Caleb, 125 Wynnwood Court, Lima, $203,000

Mueller, John H / Mueller, Natalie to Wireman, Alexander S, 2000 Slabtown Rd., Lima, $28,200

Newbury, Richard M Executor / Estate Of Audrey J Newbury/ Newbury, Audrey J Estate to Mohr, Dean L / Mohr, Tosha R, 610 Mount Holyoke Ave., Lima, $107,500

Red Jett Partnership to Coomes, Jani L / Coomes, Philip C, 534 Lutz Rd., Lima, $107,000

Spitnale, Larry A / Spitnale, Eva D to Vieira, Michael / Vieira, Lynne A, 3112 Cynthia Dr., Lima, $351,000

William Bassett Farms, Llc to Bassett, David E / Bassett, Kimberly S, East Bluelick Road, Lima, $270,000


Gundy, Jeff Administrator / Estate Of Kathryn Jo Gundy/ Gundy, Kathryn Jo Estate to Stratton, Jeffrey D, 108 Riley St., Bluffton, $80,000

Seeling, Cory J / Guyton, Leonard G / Guyton, Sandra L to Black, Tyler B / Black, Muriel J, 105 Polo Drive, Bluffton, $229,900


Klinger Investment Properties, Llc to Shobe, Jill E, 202 Marion Ave., Delphos, $80,000

Seffernick, Barbara Anne to Seffernick, Keith D, 423 Grant St., Delphos, $26,000


Burnett, Terry A / Burnett, Nancy A to Hannouz, Youness / Hannouz, Krystal, 2409 Morning Glovy Drive, Lima, $299,000


Flotte, Linda A to Greer, Matthew / Greer, Sara C, 4087 Bellefontaine Rd., Lima, $165,000

Perrine, Frank J / Roberts, Kristy L to Boroff, Cole, 1606 Garland Ave., Lima, $6,500


Kouba, Robert A Executor / Estate Of Carroll Charles Kouba/ Estate Of Carroll C Kouba Aka, Charles C Aka / Kouba, Carroll Charles Estate / Kouba, Carroll C Estate Aka to Rinehart, Michael Matthias, 3126 Clement Drive, Lima, $210,000

Lbc Investments, Llc to Babcock, Kelly D, 3502 Camden Place, Lima, $260,700

Nickel, Brent J / Nickel, Kristin M Attorney In Fact to Cherkas, Daniel A / Cherkas, Jennifer A, 1681 Ridgehill Lane, Lima, $319,000

Owens, Betty to Lockett, Nicklaus, 3360-3370 Springview Dr., Lima, $80,000

Schaefer, Robert A / Schaefer, Debra A to Lange, Corie A, 3900 S. Dixie Hwy., Lima, $335,000

Showman, Beverly A / Showman, Beverly Ann Aka / Fisher, D Lori Attorney In Fact to Bice, Rodney E, 4861 Beeler Road, Lima, $145,000

Southern Partners, Llc to Northrup Group, Llc, 146 and 148 Chris Lane, Lima, $200,000


Miller, Kylie L / Miller, Scot J to Wireman, Morgan R / Fleming, Ethan M, 13805 Allentown Rd., Spencerville, $175,000


Fast, Harold W / Fast, Linda S to Colonial Real Estate, Llc, 122 and 122 1/2 S, Broadway St., Spencerville, $35,000


Good, Chester L to Hites, Tyler / Cobb, Kelly K, 3095 W. State Rd., Lima, $134,000

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