Land transfers, July 15-21, 2021

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Deeds `63`77`96

Mortgage `106`77`125

Land contracts `0`1`0

Releases `100`86`182

Uniform commercial code `2`0`1

Terminations `1`1`0

Miscellaneous `39`44`53

Military discharges `2`2`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 15 through July 21. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Johnson, Douglas A / Johnson, Michelle to G-Made, Inc., 1707 N. West St., Lima, $425,000

Altenbach, John K / Altenbach, Deborah to Ward, Jeremiah D / Jones, Kendra S, 1828 Lowell Ave., Lima, $136,000

Ameritrans Moving Co. L.L.C. to Ivory Maison Llc, 853 Richie Ave., Lima, $28,000

Bercaw, Susan L to Dailey, Kimberly S, 1311 McKinley Ave., Lima, $20,000

Bockrath, Ryan D / Bockrath, Jennifer L to Zimmerman, Adriane, 658 Ewing Ave., Lima, $116,000

Byrd, Luana J to Nickel, Justin L, 707 College Ave., Lima, $89,000

C&C Property Management, Llc to Liles, Michael, 744 S. Main St., Lima, $10,000

Clymer, Linda L to Beery Properties, Llc, 325 N. Sugar St., Lima, $160,000

County Line Investments, Llc to Boulevard And Lane Residential, Llc, 160 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $69,000

Gibson, Kenton J / Gibson, Shelby to Foster, William P / Kleinhans, Allison C, 1032 Westerly Drive, Lima, $180,000

Holbrook, William C / Holbrook, William W to Holbrook, Samuel Albert, 715 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $30,500

K&M Business Services, Llc to Hill, Gregory / Hill, Ann, 478 N. West. St. and 965 W. Wayne St., Lima, $88,000

Morris, Harold V / Morris, Vanessa J to Macdonald, Stephen / Macdonald, Kelsey, 2842 Chapel Hill Drive, Lima, $251,900

Norris, John to Gibson, Kenton J / Gibson, Shelby, 1059 Westerly Drive, Lima, $165,000

Pester Investments, Llc to Keller, Sage L / Blanton, Jacob C, 1853 West Spring St., Lima, $129,900

Powell, Jean R / Powell, David to Miehls, Steven K / Miehls, Bianca M, 1324 Allentown Rd., Lima, $125,000

Ralston, D Darwin / Ralston, Andrea Jane to Hollar, Jeffrey L / Hollar, Georgene, 711 College Ave., Lima, $8,000

Ritchie, Thomas D to Evans, Justin M / Evans, Ashley N, 739 W. Wayne St., Lima, $145,000

Smith, Larry to Anthony, Garry, 222-224 Haller St., Lima, $45,000

Vision 2 Investments, Llc to Sheeter, Danielle N / Sheeter, Ian, 1052 N. Union St., Lima, $39,900


Booms, Adam / Booms, Courtney K to Adams, Frank III, 555 Seriff Rd., Lima, $138,000

Maney, Knox E Trustee / Maney, Jo Ann Trustee / Knox E Maney Living Trust/ Jo Ann Maney Living Trust to Lockwood, Michael / Lockwood, Angie, 3151 Allentown Rd., Lima, $270,000

Medsker, Thomas W / 3-M Enterprises Dba to Troyer, Craig L / Troyer, Cynthia L, East Road, Lima, $160,100

Ralston, Theodore S Trustee / Rafa I Irrevocable Trust to Staley, Jedrey / Staley, Courtney, 5500 Allentown Road, Lima, $5,000

Saikaley, Constance Executor / Estate Of Barbara S Young to Stephenson, Christopher / Stephenson, Lori, 6226 Piquad Road, Lima, $169,900

Barhorst, Brian Executor / Estate Of Michael B Barhorst/ Barhorst, Michael B Estate / Barhorst, Michael Bernard Aka Estate to Bentley, Lance S, 2831 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $156,500

Downey, Mark R / Downey, Linda L to Latiker, Darwin L / Latiker, Kimberly L, 3762 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $375,000

Krotzer, Karma M Roy Et Al / Private Selling Officer Ronald W Denney/ Roy Krotzer, Karma M Et Al to Mcghee, Matthew, 354 Lester Ave., Lima, $55,000

Robey, Steven Michael / Robey, Pamela to Robey, Joshua Grant / Robey, Jennifer Lynn, 591 Powers Ave., Lima, $46,200

Starr, Randy / Starr, Sandra to Cowan, David Iii, 1650 N. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $150,000


Bartram, William J Decd Et Al / Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Fannie Mae/ Federal National Mortgage Association Aka, 3200 Loescher Road, Lima, $79,000

Shepherd, Dennis L / Shepherd, Barbara L to Spencer, Christopher D / Spencer, Stephanie R, 5511 Sandusky Road, Lima, $304,400

Blachly, Bonnie L to Cheney, Raymond F / Cheney, Sharon T, 415 Ridge Crest Circle, Lima, $239,000

Clark, Kenneth Eugene Successor Trustee / Clark Family Revocable Living Trust to Losey, Mary, 2400 E. Bluelick Rd., Lima, $165,000

Lost Creek Offices Llc to Patrick, Larry / Patrick, Alisha, 708 Saratoga Ave., Lima, $110,000

Mohler, Vicki L / Mohler, Robert to Nichols, Victoria Rene, 233 Valley Way, Lima, $185,000

Stapleton, Harold to Stapleton, Valdis, 606 Daytona Drive, Lima, $27,600

Thomas, Richard L Ii / Thomas, Richard L Aka to Fraley, Travis / Fraley, Tiffany, 324 Bryn Mawr Ave., Lima, $136,700

Thompson, Judith A to Mathew, Jeffrey / Mathew, Regina, 746 Yorkshire Drive, Lima, $298,200


Bunch, Patricia J Administrator / Estate Of Norma Jean Heinze/ Heinze, Norma Jean Estate / Heinze, Norma J Aka Decd / Heinze, Norma Aka Decd to Schroeder, Roger / Schroeder, Sharon, 320 W. Elm St., Bluffton, $160,000

Harner, Raymond L / Harner, Elizabeth to Schmidt, Andrew F, 122 Poplar St., Bluffton, $131,500


Acuna, Michelle / Acuna, Steven to Schleeter, Victoria M, 927 N. Washington St., Delphos, $98,000

Bonifas, Luke to Stephens, Sabra, 625 E. 6th St., Delphos, $110,500

Gibson, Artillis M / Gibson, Brandy N to At Home Investments, Llc, 609 S. Main St., Delphos, $83,000

Gram, Lois to Olivarez, Eliseo Jr, 727 E. Third St., Delphos, $70,000


Treadway, Christina M to Serenity Investment Properties Inc, 702 Weger Ave., Lima, $110,000

Walton, Barbara J to Crawford, Felecia, 708 Beachwood Place, Lima, $229,000


Cramer, Norman D / Cramer, James A Attorney In Fact to Thomas, Derek S / Thomas, Tiffany A, 332 N. Oak St., Harrod, $132,500


Evilsizor, Ronald L / Evilsizor, Marcia K to Zerbe, Jamie L / Kerns, Tammy L, 7045 Sugar Creek Road, Lima, $325,000

Falke, Melinda B / Kruger, Melinda B Nka / Kruger, Kevin to Howell, Caleb W / Howell, Elizabeth C, 8935 Harding Highway, Lima, $230,000


Holloway, Terrell L Co-Trustee / Holloway Keystone Preservation Trust/ Holloway, Renelda K Co-Trustee / Holloway Keystone Preservation Trust to Gossard Development Llc, 204 W. Wood St., Lafayette, $80,000


Calvert, Sean R / Calvert, Keri M to Bowers, Anthony S / Bowers, Allyson K, 1998 Bowman Rd., Lima, $156,000


Mennonite Memorial Home to Amstutz, Gregory / Lee, Nathan, 430 W. Elm St., Bluffton, $32,000


Spath, Benjamin to Smith, Kevin D, 2838-2840 West Breese Road, Lima, $120,000

Campbell, Lesa L / Campbell-Schueler, Lesa L Nka to Stopher, Stephanie, 3022 Tupelo Ave., Lima, $161,000

Cypher, Charles A / Cypher, Deborah J to Parent, Cory, 4604 Abnaki Trail, Lima, $485,000

Gresham, Deborah K / Urban, Deborah K Fka / Gresham, Richard L to Allen, Wendy / Glorioso, Sondra, 2511 Glen Arbor Drive, Lima, $254,000

Hutjens, Connie / Hutjens, Martin to Greeley, Michael L / Greeley, Ashley N, 2544 Breezewood Lane, Lima, $473,000

Jacobs, Thomas E / Jacobs, Michelle L to Herman, David M, 2995 Garford Ave., Lima, $60,000

Jacobs, Thomas E / Jacobs, Michelle L to Herman, David M, 2974 Garford Ave., Lima, $200,000

Blakeman, Larry W to Stover, James F / Stover, Sarah, 1413 Winghaven Drive, Lima, $480,000

George, Nicholas L / George, Jennifer M to Johnson, Bryan Louis Jr / Johnson, Elizabeth, 2205 South Kemp Road, Lima, $350,000

Sutton-Ramspeck, Doug / Sutton-Ramspeck, Beth to Williams, Joseph D / Williams, Sonja R, 5711 Spencerville Road, Lima, $255,000


Tracy, Rachel A to Fleck, Daniel A, 102 S. Main St., Spencerville, $30,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `63`77`96

Mortgage `106`77`125

Land contracts `0`1`0

Releases `100`86`182

Uniform commercial code `2`0`1

Terminations `1`1`0

Miscellaneous `39`44`53

Military discharges `2`2`0

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