Land transfers, April 29-May 5.

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Deeds `70`94`109

Mortgage `104`89`87

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `58`154`94

Uniform commercial code `1`2`1

Terminations `1`0`1

Miscellaneous `40`49`65

Military discharges `0`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 29 through May 5. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Armentrout, Greg Successor Co-Trustee / Bowman, Dianne Successor Co-Trustee / Eve Armentrout Revocable Living Trust to Dumm, Shane M / Willamowski Dumm, Kimberly / Dumm, Kimberly Williamowski, 1218 W. High St., Lima, $14,000

Bowers, Melissa A / Barclay, Melissa A Nka / Barclay, Jerrad Adam to Mclean, Brandon Robert / Bigham, Savannah Ray, 2448 W. Spring St. Lima, $110,400

Briem, Jarred to Odom, Presely E / Tolle, Blake W, 618 Mackenzie Dr., Lima, $104,400

Coleman, Felisha / Coleman, Kascal D to Lewis, Tre’Vante, 543 E. Second St., Lima, $2,500

Cook, Jennifer D / Mitchell, Jennifer D Fka to Rice, Joyce A, 772 Ewing Ave., Lima, $72,000

Crites Holdings, Llc to Maag, Terry A / Maag, Mary K, 1000 Findlay Rd., Lima, $75,000

Edsall, Michelle L to Rogers, William / Rogers, Stephanie, 915 Richie Ave., Lima, $73,000

Entinghe, James / Entinghe, Shirley to Entinghe, Patrick J / Entinghe, Samantha M, 129 W. State St., Lima, $100,000

Forest, William B / Forest, Barbie to Boulevard And Lane Residential, Llc, 313 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $73,500

Gardner, Robert / Gardner, Pamela to Mcintosh, Stephanie, 940 Brice Ave., Lima, $75,000

Hefner, Nina S / Good, Nina S Fka to Caudill, Eric Lee, 1123 Fett Ave., Lima, $125,000

Horne, Henry L / Horne, Ruby L to Marshal, Albert Lamar, 1187 S. Main St., Lima, $1,000

Jennings, Orville Jr / Jennings, Orville J Jr Aka to Houston, Jaquan, Vacant Lots, Union Street, Lima, $3,000

Jtl Leasing, Llc to Bermudez-Ortiz, Jorge E / Rivera, Yomarie Rivera / Rivera Rivera, Yomarie, 2205 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $56,000

Karcher, Robert J Sr / Karcherr, Patricia L to Walker & Wall Real Estate, Llc, 521 Ohio St., Lima, $32,000

Kempher, Julia A / Elswick, Michelle Rae to Dotson, Jessica E / Schmitz, Joseph C. A., 2009 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $170,000

Marks, Thomas J to Winegardner, Garry R, Detroit Street, Lima, $3,500

Pereira, Teresinha A / Martins, Emilia P Attorney In Fact to Honey Run Investments, 1133 Bahama Dr., Lima, $127,500

Pereira, Teresinha A / Pereira, Teresinha / Martin, Emilia P Attorney In Fact to Ackles, Jasmine L, 1164 Bahama Dr., Lima, $61,000

Perham, Daniel L to Morales, Amber J / Morales, Eduardo G, 905 Cornell Dr., Lima, $108,000

Phalen, Ramona Jeanne / Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Suarez, Ramona J Aka Et Al to Croft, Joseph / Herr, Nicole, 628 S. Scott St., Lima, $24,000

Schroeder, Thomas / Schroeder, Melissa to Schroeder Investments Llc, 2072-2074 Brookhaven Ct., Lima, $140,000

Stahler, Ann L / Stahler, Ann Louise Aka to Mosier, Joshua David, 7650 Ft. Amanda Rd., Lima, $180,000

Thatcher, Nathan A / Thatcher, Alaina L Nka / Jenkins, Alaina L to Van Horn, Katrina A, 2115 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $105,000


Pierce, Chad A / Pierce, Katie L to Holmes, Jennifer R, 3296 Mills Rd., Lima, $225,000


Brady, Alan / Brady, Karen S to Rodewood Assets Llc, 2275 N. Cable Rd., Unit #37, Lima, $56,000

Bruin, Kevin P / Bruin, Cynthia L to Hyter, John D / Hyter, Deborah D, 148 Woodford Terrace, Lima, $191,000

Fought, Jerry Lynn to Stephens, Timothy F, 1125 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $57,900

Good, Arnold Samuel to Hartman, Dwight L Trustee, 2275 North Cable Rd., Unit 144, Lima, $64,000

Kistler, Darrel K / Kistler, Elizabeth A to Karcz, Chris W / Karcz, Melissa R, Fraunfelter Rd., Lima, $90,000

Mcnamara, Michael G Trustee / Trust Agreement Of Robert L. Mcnamara/ Mcnamara, Barbara A Trustee / Paul J. Mcnamara Living Trust/ Mcnamara, John M Trustee / Barbara A. Mcnamara Living Trust to Jmg Property Group Llc, 940 N. Cable Rd., Lima, $287,000

Slone, Robert J / Slone, Amy E / Slone, Aly E Aka to Neal, Wallace L / Neal, Jill, 1345 N. Stevick Rd., Lima, $125,000

Joseph, Micheal / Joseph, Kamie / Pulford, Kamie Fka to Dorband, Adam Patrick / Dorband, Brittany Nicole, 5076 Hummingbird St. Lima, $169,000

Smith, Jordan / Smith, Lauren to Abner, Eric S / Abner, Teka M, 2615 Franks Dr., Lima, $165,000

Stevens, Shawn R Executor / Estate Of Mary Elizabeth Corbett/ Corbett, Mary Elizabeth Estate / Corbett, Mary E Estate Aka / Estate Of Mary E Cobett Aka to Griesemer, Lawrence B, 2841 Wendell Ave., Lima, $129,000


Stoner, Ronnie Lee to Country Line Investments, Llc, 714 Eastern Ave., Lima, $77,600


Shinabery, Mark A / Shinabery, Brittainy N / Shinabery, Michael R / Shinabery, Kimberly A / Shinabery, Matthew G / Shinabery, Robin B Fka / Michalak, Robin B to Rse Rentals, Llc, 490 Cherry St., Bluffton, $57,000

Three S. Development Group, Llc to Siefker, Kyle D / Siefker, Madison I, 328 Parkview Dr., Bluffton, $69,900


Clemons, Stephanie K to Barclay, Melissa A / Barclay, Jerrad Adam, 725 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $95,000

Reynolds, Gregory L / Reynolds, Dawna L to Klausing, Jeff, 304 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $194,000

Rupert, Larry G Jr / Rupert, Dolores to Leeman, Carole K, 603 Lima Ave., Delphos, $145,900

Wallen, Don to Best Vapes, Llc, 722 E. Fourth St., Delphos, $13,000


Flowers, Jamon A / Flowers, Lucy Jo to Roberts, Clinton R, 4705 Amaryllis St., Lima, $245,000


Dye, Jerry A Jr / Dye, Shirley A to Ketchum, Michael K / Ketchum, Marcella J, 6275 Reservoir Rd., Lima, $50,000

Grant, Todd M / Hawk, Gina R / Hawk, Matt to Grant, Chad D, 1925 Bentley Rd., Ada, $48,400


Dunlap, Marilyn June / Dunlap, Marilyn J Aka / Dunlap, Douglas / Dunlap, Kathy / Dunlap, Steven L / Mackey, Natalie / Mackey, Jesse / Ball, Susan to Sherrick, Jennifer / Sherrick, Josh, Ridge Road, Lima, $33,300

Dunlap, Marilyn June / Dunlap, Marilyn J Aka / Dunlap, Douglas / Dunlap, Kathy / Dunlap, Steven L / Sherrick, Jennifer / Sherrick, Josh / Ball, Susan to Mackey, Natalie / Mackey, Jesse, Ridge Rd., Lima, $33,300


Mcelwain, David Lyle / Mcelwain, Michelle L to Mcelwain, Daniel R, 1369 S. Thayer Rd., Lima, $120,800


Blosser, Michael E / Blosser, Jacqueline A to Beverly, Shameika D, 3476 Redbud Lane, Lima, $195,000

Brooks, Alexandra C to Jlp Four, Llc, 1630 Pro Dr., Lima, $210,000

Depalma, Matthew C / Depalma, Anna T to Robey, Andrew / Robey, Kylie, 1465 West Shore Dr., Lima, $193,000

Dulmage, Brenda to T & L 777 Investments, Llp, 1758 W. Hume Rd., Lima, $52,000

Gearing, Blaine / Gearing, Michelle to Midwestern Properties Llc, 1790 Shawnee Road, Lima, $237,500

Hunter, Blaine D / Hunter, Taylor L to Ruhlman, Jordan Douglas, 3648 Weldon Dr., Lima, $164,800

Janowski, Joseph Louis / Janowski, Susan Lynn to Brunelle, Merrit M., 2930 Oak Hill Ct., Lima, $760,000

Jensen, Scott R / Jensen, Bethany A to Laudick, Curtis J / Laudick, Megan M, 2907 Stoneybrook Dr., Lima, $475,000

Ketchum, Bret M / Ketchum, Ariel to Liddle, Alda, 1755 Shawnee Rd., Lima, $135,000

Lawson, Jennifer R to Dietrich, Brad W Jr, 338 Ponderosa Trail, Lima, $380,000

Lbc Investments, Llc to Stalter, Brenda S, 3501 Camden Pl., Lima, $250,800

Lewis, James A / Lewis, Cheryl L to Reynolds, Gregory L / Reynolds, Dawna, 1415 Wonderlick Rd., Lima, $154,500

Moore, Tobi M / Luna, Tobi M Nka / Luna, Francisco to Parker, Sherri, 5195 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $215,000

Payne, Kenneth G / Payne, Mary L to Bales, Richard A / Reynolds-Bales, Tara E, 2298 June Dr., Lima, $520,000

Patel, Dennis A / Patel, Devyn to Blakeman, Larry W, 4751 Kitamat Tr., Lima, $320,000

Sweeney, Beverly C Trustee / Beverly C. Sweeney Revocable Trust to Janowski, Joseph Louis / Janowski, Susan Lynn, 8 Estate Dr., Lima, $438,500

Zeigler, Robert E Sr / Zeigler, Kelly K to Smith, Ivanrobert Sirgei, 2040 Rosewood Lane, Lima, $124,500

Zheng, Shi P / Xiao, Shu Deng to Flinstone Properties, Llc, 2341 Reen Dr., Lima, $180,000


Brenek, Joseph / Brenek, Jennifer to Flowers, Jamon A / Flowers, Lucy J, 309 Birch Dr., Spencerville, $175,900

Hilty, Kenneth L / Hilty, Rita / Hilty, Kenneth L Attorney In Fact / Hilty, Timothy J / Tschour, Michelle / Tschour, Michelle R Aka / Tschour, James to Detrick, Ted Trustee / Croft, Betty Sue Trustee / Ted Detrick And Betty Sue Croft Revocable Living Trust, 706 Sunset Ave., Spencerville, $192,500

Rowland, Kimberly to Schmiesing, Karen / Schmiesing, Mark, Briggs Avenue, Spencerville, $19,200


Crawford, Michael S to Crawford, Mark A, 4200 W. Lincoln Hwy., Gomer, $63,600

Crawford, Michael S to Crawford, Mark A, 3980 W. Lincoln Hwy., Gomer, $11,700

Moore, Mary Ann / Moore, Robert Edward to Woods At Honey Run Llc, N. Wapak Road, Lima, $140,800

Sherrick, Mary Jo to Andrews, Julie E., 5305 W. State Road, Lima, $150,000

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Deeds `70`94`109

Mortgage `104`89`87

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `58`154`94

Uniform commercial code `1`2`1

Terminations `1`0`1

Miscellaneous `40`49`65

Military discharges `0`0`1

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