Land transfers, April 22-28

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Deeds `67`103`94

Mortgage `93`100`89

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Releases `47`107`154

Uniform commercial code `0`2`2

Terminations `0`0`0

Miscellaneous `25`54`49

Military discharges `0`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 22 through April 28. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Anderson, Scott A/Anderson, Robyn to Brado, John Frank, N. Metcalf Street, Lima, $1,000

Arthur, Joyce Ann Trustee/Arthur, Brad Alan Trustee/Joyce Ann Arthur Living Trust to Lam, Bee Wah, 445 S. Dewey St. Lima, $61,000

Barber, Glenda to Yes We Can Community Homes, Inc., 781 S. Union St., Lima, $1,000

Barber, Glenda to Yes We Can Community Homes, Inc., 799 S. Union St., Lima, $1,000

Barber, Glenda to Yes We Can Community Homes, Inc., 799 S. Union St., Lima, $1,000

Baughman, James F to Stacy, Carla Sue, 661 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $27,900

Bonofiglio, John P/Anthony, Paolina I/Anthony, Nick/Bonofiglio, Anthony R/Bonofiglio, Lisa to Sanders, Jacob N/Sanders, Macie, 741 Ewing Ave., Lima, $82,000

Camper, Theresa M to J & A Legacy, LLC, 2433 W. Spring St., Lima, $65,100

Cary, Matthew to Rind, Martin, 127 N. Kennilworth Ave., Lima, $64,000

Chandler Hig Velocity Fund, LLC to 3 Advisors Group, LLC, 1134 E. High St., Lima, $5,800

Clark, Coleman Jr/Clark, Sylvia L to Baugh, Christopher S, 201 E. 3rd. St., Lima, $9,500

Fell, D Anthony/Fell, David Anthony Aka/Fell, Joyce Decd to Frueh, Michael, 415 Hazel Ave. Lima, $25,000

Fields, Amber R to Stoner, Marci J/Stoner, Dominic E, 710 W. Murphy St. Lima, $90,000

Frueh, Michael P to Graham, Wesley Ii/Graham, Alexis Marie, 415 Hazel Ave., Lima, $77,000

Irons, Lashay Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Treasurer Of Allen County, Ohio to Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole, 427 Hazel Ave., Lima, $18,000

Larue, Timothy D to Seffernick, Journey/Griffith, Andrew, 1309 Oakland Pkwy., Lima, $63,500

Lewis, Timothy S/Lewis, Billi Jo to Runyan, Nicole C, 1089 Westerly Dr., Lima, $180,000

Lowe, Sherry K to Fernandez, Cameron Robert, 749 Primrose Place, Lima, $112,000

Martin, Aubrey L Trustee/Aubrey L Martin And Shirley A Martin Living Trust to Kevin Coleman Foundation, Inc., 716 S. Main St., Lima, $6,400

Mcclure, Teddi L Successor Trustee/Mcclure Revocable Living Trust to Woj Investments, LLC, 842 & 842 1/2 W. Wayne St., Lima, $55,000

Nelson, Carol A Et Al/Private Selling Officer Ronald W Denney to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 402 S. Roberts, Lima, $26,800

Short, Gregory A/Short, Mariah to Gallagher, Alexa, 2901 Jenny Place, Lima, $162,000

T & J Real Estate Enterprises, Ltd to Baumunk, Corel L/Baumunk, Heather N, 117 Mullen Ave., Lima, $58,500

Tts Rental Properties LLC to Samsum LLC, 353 E. North St., 333 N. Jackson St., 329 N. Jackson St. and 315 N. Jackson St., Lima, $250,000

Upshaw, Doug/Upshaw, Wendy to Shine, Larry C, 1306 W. High St., Lima, $39,400

Williams, Chadrick C/Williams, Chadrick Aka/Williams, Lynette L to Williams, Jeffrey A Sr, 1153 W. High St. Lima, $98,000


Ames, Allen to Nice, Marc D/Nice, Lacey C, 715 Gloria Dr., Lima, $160,000

Bentz, Scott/Bentz, Alison to Lewis, Timothy/Lewis, Billi Jo, 3662 Sky Hawk Dr., Lima, $324,500

Cawley, David S/Cawley, Connie L to Bodine, Matthew John, 3021 Diller Rd., Lima, $130,000

Makwana, Hemraj to Burnett, Joseph M/Burnett, Kendall H, 423 Fraunfelter Rd., Lima, $400,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer, 3730 Sky Hawk Dr., Lima, $32,000

Haas, Mary Diane to Damron, Billie R Jr/Damron, Carmen D, 2668 Sherwood Dr., Lima, $145,000

Leppla, Charles G/Leppla, Toni to Smith, Lorri, 2701 Lowell Ave., Lima, $68,000

Pereira, Teresinha A/Martins, Emilia P Attorney-In-Fact to Ambrister, Joshua N/Ambrister, Sondra M, 405 Lewis Blvd., Lima, $54,000

Ruck, Susan F Successor Trustee/Duane L. Ruck And Susan F. Ruck Revocable Trust to Graham, Carol Louise, 3975 Cherokee Dr., Lima, $255,900

Smith, Tammy L to Wierwille, David L/Wierwille, Janie E, 148 Hartford Court, Lima, $72,000


Hefner, James C/Hefner, Cindy A to Martin, Richard/Martin, Barbara, 1245 Cool Rd., Lima, $52,000

Mattson, Nathan P to Johnson, Zachery T/Johnson, Hannah B, 6198 Clum Rd., Harrod, $188,800


Campbell, Martha A to Robey, Steven M/Robey, Pamela S, Sugar Creek Road, $132,600

Farmer, Lorraine Marie/Farmer, Lorraine M Aka to Nichelson, Craig M/Nichelson, Sarah, 5353 Mowery Rd., Lima, $292,000

Hooker, Ronald/Hooker, Lauri A Attorney In Fact to Warner, Patrick A/Warner, Margaret J, 984 Fenway Dr., Lima, $66,000

Ingram, Bryan W to Roberts, Randall/Roberts, Karen, 3428 Danny Dr., Lima, $160,000

Martini, Carol to Smith, Stephen/Smith, Leann, 568 Monticello Ave., Lima, $90,000

Mitchell, James T Trustee/Jim And Carol Mitchell Family Trust to Briggs, Donna J, 468 Mumaugh Rd., Lima, $128,000

Mod Rentals Ltd to Kaur, Taranjit/Singh, Sukhdev, 1324 McCullough St. Lima, $58,600

Shafer, Christopher K to Edwards, Conner, 4645 Wolfe Rd., Elida, $170,000

Singh, Sukhdev/Kaur, Taranjit to Hale, Michelle Ann/Hale, Michael Shane, 1324 McCullough St., Lima, $58,600

Von Der Embse, Marie A Executor/Estate Of Donald Hooker/ Hooker, Donald Estate Of to Warner, Margaret J/Warner, Patrick A, 948 Fenway Dr., Lima, $66,000


Cox, Lawrence B Trustee/Bradley E Cox And Glenna L Cox Joint Irrevocable Trust to Tts Rental Properties LLC, 246 Cherry St., Bluffton, $300,000

Fleharty, Eric T/Fleharty, Eric Todd Aka/Fleharty, Kortney to Meyer, John D Jr/Meyer, Katrina R , 142 S. Jackson St., Bluffton, $258,000

Rich, John/Rich, Carolyn Joan to Siferd, Tony A, Riley Street, Bluffton, $5,000

Theis, Jonathan L/Theis, Bethany G to Nester, Darryl/Nester, Lorraine, 222 N. Spring St., Bluffton, $35,000

Zink Rentals, LLC to Jj-Dc Invesmtents LLC, 228 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $100,000

Zink, James R/Zink, Debra A to Zink Rentals, LLC, 228 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $53,000


T.J.S.T. Limited Liability Company to Bell, Robert Louis, 731 W, Main St., Cairo, $55,000


Brenneman, Regina D to Carpenter, Cassaundra A, 215 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $103,800

Gehr, Gabriel R to McConnahea, Christine M, 322 Eastwood Ave. Delphos, $190,000

Jones, James Victor Jr/Jones, Melissa J to Grothouse, Matthew S/Grothouse, Erica C, 210 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $168,000

Klinger Investment Properties, LLC to Norris, Zachery S, 835 S. Main St., Delphos, $139,900

Ridgeway, Mark A to Muniz, Devin, 433 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $54,900


Doll, Thomas W/Doll, Carol J/Doll, Blandey F Attorney In Fact to Boess, Aimee G/Mclean, Joshua A, 2912 Whipporwill Ave., Lima, $207,500

Harter, Shanda/Altenbach, Shanda Fka/Harter, Travis J to Mccoy, Raelene, 4875 Amaryllis St., Lima, $168,400

Weldy, Amanda S to Harter, Travis J/Harter, Shanda M, 5640 Clover Ridge Dr., Elida, $249,000

Zack, Greg P/Zack, Lori S to Goetz, John L/Goetz, Mary, 4803 Willow St., Lima, $267,000


McCoy, Raelene to Shirk, Keith A/Shirk, Valerie S, 596 N. Phillips Rd., Harrod, $200,000

Wilbet, Lcc to Roberts, Janet Marie, Stemple Road, Ada, $792,000


Crites, Anthony M/Crites, Leslie E to Chiles, Zachary V/Schwartz, Morgan E, 4015 N. Kemp Rd., Lima, $168,000

Hays, Lisa M to Lee, Larry/Lee, Debra K, 7040 Lehman Rd., Delphos, $385,000

Klaus, Dennis R Trustee/Klaus, Marilyn K Trustee/Marilyn K. Klaus Living Trust to Miller, Nicholas L/Miller, Traci A, 10955 Dutch Rd., Delphos, $390,000

Miller, Brandon/Miller, Alicia to Daniel, Christopher/Daniel, Adelaide S, 920 N. Conant Rd., Spencerville, $266,900

Recker, Frederick T/Recker, Teresa J to Hesseling, Dustin A/Hesseling, Taylor L, 9245 W. State Rd., Delphos, $265,000


Bailey, Norman/Bailey, Priscilla C to Kempher, Douglas/Kempher, Tiffany L, 6250 Ottawa Rd., Lima, $95,000

Basinger, Jon E/Basinger, Janice K to Basinger, Jeremy/Basinger, Drusilla, 7210 Mayberry Rd., Lima, $330,900

Clymer, Larry R Trustee/Clymer, Brenda L Trustee/Brenda L Clymer Revocable Trust to Columbus Grove Skateland, LLC, 10924 Ottawa Rd. Columbus Grove, $20,000

Mountain Express Oil Company to Taylor Mercantile In1,Llc, 5777 Ottawa Rd., Lima, $1,461,400

Meyers, Doyle R Executor/Moore, Sharon Kay Estate/Moore, Sharon K Aka Estate/Moore, Sharon K Decd/Moore, Sharon Kay Decd/Estate Of Sharon Kay Moore/ Estate Of Sharon K Moore Aka to Doyle, Cody L, 5783 N. Thayer Rd., Columbus Grove, $85,000

Sancus Investment Group, LLC to Mountain Express Oil Company, 5777 Ottawa Rd., Lima, $1,286,200


Arness Holdings, Inc. to Allen County Leasing, Inc., 180 Eastom Circle, Lima, $170,000

Eberle, Chad E to Green, David/Green, Kathy, 210 W. Hanthorn Rd. Lima, $9,700

Nickles, Michael J/Nickles, Mary Ann to Manley, Charles M, 211 E. 17th St., Lima, $3,500

Lima Deliverance Tabernacle/ Brewster, John Trustee to Brewster, John, 2105 St. Johns Rd., Lima, $60,800

Scherrer, Sally J Co-Trustee/Scherrer, James J Co-Trustee/Sally J. Scherrer Trust to Motter, Clint A/Motter, Janelle K, Osman Rd., Lima, $298,400

Stedke, Daven E to 1359 Hanthorn LLC, 1399 Hanthorn Rd., Lima, $35,000

Stedke, Daven E to 1359 Hanthorn LLC, 1351-1375 E. Hanthorn Rd., Lima, $1,277,500


Burnett, Joseph M/Kaskocsak, Kendall H/Burnett, Kendall H Aka to Biedenharn, Eric J, 725 S. Wapak Rd., Lima, $195,000

Dietrich, Brad Jr to Ostrowski, Levi/Ostrowski, Abbie N, 3177 Zurmehly Rd. Lima, $149,000

Kelley, C Bradford Executor/Estate Of Eva L Brown/ Brown, Eva L Estate/Brown, Eva Lavurne Estate/Brown, Eva Laverne Estate/Estate Of Eva Lavurne Brown/ Estate Of Eva Laverne Brown to Schwartz, Norma, 1548 Fairway Dr., Lima, $190,000

Lamb, Gina R/Lamb, Frederick A/Wolf, Dennis J/Wolf, Jeffrey D/Wolf, Jeffery D Aka/Wolf, Gary L/Wolf, Cheryl/Wolf, Tamara/Wolf, Maureen to Sampson, Allison K, 2881 Spencerville Rd., Lima, $90,000

Lbc Investments, LLC to Linehan, William P Jr/Linehan, Nancy A, 3505 Camden Place, Lima, $245,000

Leibold, Terri Lee/Leibold, Paxton Attorney In Fact to Sanko, William A, 2635 Adgate Rd. Unit 1-C, Lima, $188,000

Martz, Leota A to Mayers, Tracy A, 3359 Muirfield Place, Lima, $230,000

McAlexander, Kenneth Ray/McAlexander, Angie Michelle to Bowersock, Ethan, 3840 S. Wapak Rd., Lima, $205,000

McAlexander, Kenneth Ray/McAlexander, Angie Michelle to Bowersock, Ethan, 3840 S. Wapak Rd., Lima, $50,000

Morman, John C/Morman, Hannah to Swaney, Ryan S/Swaney, Tarah, 2958 Morning Sun Dr., Lima, $450,000

Morris, Darla S/Reese, Darla S Nka to Collins, Casey M, 4140 Susan Lane, Lima, $65,000

Phalen, Corey D to Rex-Larue, Jenifer A, 1522 Southwood Dr., Lima, $155,000

Place, Jason B/Place, Molly A to J.R. Real Estate Two, LLC, 2626 Shawnee Rd., Lima, $125,000

Retz, Martha Sue/Retz, Lamonte H/Shawber, Martha Sue Fka to Ludwick, Vicki S, 2867 Riverwalk Blvd., Lima, $200,000

Stambaugh, Phillip R to Holmes, Kylee/Holmes, Cody, 4175 S. Dixie Hwy., Lima, $254,900

Whetstone, Douglas/Whetstone, Douglas J Aka to Samsum LLC, 1041 Shawnee Rd./Garden Blvd., Lima, $120,000


Holmes, Jennifer R to Brenek, Jennifer/Brenek, Joseph, 516 E. 6th St. Spencerville, $250,000

Oakman, Stacy L/Oakman, Denise L to Gallimore, Joshua/Gallimore, Ashley, 308 & 312 E. First St., Spencerville, $162,000

Wjhoh LLC/ Wjh LLC to Medsker, Lori Jean/Bragg, David D Jr, 405 W. 4th St., Spencerville, $169,000


Metzger, Lynn R/Metzger, Suzanne L to Lawson, Dewayne/Lawson, Charissa, 4320 Ridge Rd., Lima, $230,000

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Deeds `67`103`94

Mortgage `93`100`89

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `47`107`154

Uniform commercial code `0`2`2

Terminations `0`0`0

Miscellaneous `25`54`49

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