Land transfers, April 8-14

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Deeds `41`90`77

Mortgage `81`111`73

Land contracts `0`2`0

Releases `24`124`172

Uniform commercial code `2`0`1

Terminations `6`0`1

Miscellaneous `32`51`48

Military discharges `0`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 8-14. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Banks, Brandon to Tidy Klean LLC/ Horton, Steven A Ii, 1120 Bellefontaine Ave. Lima, $34,700

Callhan, Timothy L to Heaphy Harmony Real Estate, LLC, 113-115 East Spring St., Lima, $235,000

Cordle, Noel L/Cordle, Ryan R to Jacobs, Alaura, 1523 Wendell Ave., Lima, $126,000

Cruz, Ellis/Cruz, Melissa to Strahm, Amber N, 649 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $60,200

D & D Good, LLC to Maag, Terry/Maag, Mary, 1098 N. Main St., Lima, $40,000

Detwiler, Virginia A/Detwiler, James Thomas Attorney In Fact to Thompson, Ebony, S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $2,000

Dickerson, Aaron/Dickerson, Christopher L to Asante, Triceine M, 430-432 E. Pearl St., Lima, $73,000

Eastes, Douglas/Eastes, Julie to Mckinney, Timothy/Mckinney, Mary, 923 N. Main St., Lima, $69,900

Jumpx Real Estate Investment LLC to Ameritrans Moving Co. L.L.C., 853 Richie Ave., Lima, $13,000

Kelly, Melissa J/Stuber, Melissa J Fka to Aja Rentals, LLC, 705 W. Elm St., Lima, $75,000

Kiefer, Kit L to Williams, Stacey/Williams, Jared, 1508 Latham Ave., Lima, $115,000

Lcs Petroleum LLC to Takhar Investment, LLC, 325 N. Cole St., Lima, $420,000

Lima Florida Properties, LLC to Croft, Garrett C/Croft, Kathryn, 1822 Rice Ave., Lima, $125,000

Lima Florida Properties LLC to Rudolph, Anthony, 801 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $48,000

Loser, Todd M/Loser, Sophia N to Cruz, Ellis/Cruz, Melissa, 1574 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $130,000

Mayers, Matthew C/Mayers, Tracy A to Patel, Dennis A/Patel, Devyn M, 524 Honeysuckle Bend, Lima, $739,900

Miller, Deborah to Morinda Petroleum LLC, 952 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima, $10,000

Roach, Hilda Etal/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to Planet Home Lending, LLC, 533 N. Mcdonel St., Lima, $53,700

Shingledecker, Marieka J Executor/Estate Of John Graham Watkins/ Watkins, John Graham Estate/Watkins, John G Aka Decd to Sciranka, Matthew G, 853 Runyan Ave., Lima, $84,000

Streeter, Anthony to Kacheleries, Julie A, 1219 Rice Ave., Lima, $72,500

Stemen, Carol J. to Stainbrook, Holly, 604 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $99,900

Valico, LLC/ Katterheinrich, Vaughn to Vanbuskirk, Angela M, 1620 W. High St., Lima, $105,000


Kelley, Judy Marie to Glover, Joshua Deonte, 2550 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $96,200

Messer, Danny C/Messer, Lori to Bradford, Cedric/Bradford, Della, 410 N. Glenwood Ave. Lima, $90,000

Miller, Carol E to Schuh, Anthony J, 2436-2438 Wilshire Drive, Lima, $140,000

Piehl, Robert L Co-Trustee/Piehl, Sandra I Co-Trustee/Piehl Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Mosley, Gary W/Mosley, Keena M, 1925 Brookhaven Court, Lima, $92,000

Schaffter, Michael W/Schaffter, Kimberly A to Schaffter, Ashley M, 4115 Allentown Road, Lima, $90,000

Shook, David G/Groat, Linda A/Shook, Kevin L/Catell, Diana L/Cattell, Diana L Aka/Woods, Rebecca J/Shook, Barbara J/Woods, Lonnie L/Catell, Randall A/Cattell, Randall A Aka to Layman Investments, Ltd, 615 E. Main St., Elida, $102,000

Wellman Homes, LLC/ Kjb Holdings, LLC to Briggs, Robin A/Briggs, Lloyd Clark Iii, 3120 Kenyon Drive, Lima, $226,000


Miller, Larry E/Miller, Martin L/Miller, Susan K/Miller, Mary to Pugsley, Tyler M, 1635 Brentlinger Road, Harrod, $132,500

Vorhes, Douglas V/Vohres, Nancy K to Smith, Jacob, 11171 Amherst Road, Harrod, $115,000


Beggin, Laura L Successor Trustee/Nancy L Shaffner Living Trust to Farmer, Lorraine M, 3846 Yale Ave., Lima, $147,000

Hawk, Rhonda Jean Executor/Estate Of Vera M Boraten/ Boraten, Vera M Estate to Slusser, Laura Jean, 309 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $173,000

Lochard, Janice A to Beemer, Tyler E, 3786 Mt. Vernon Place Apt. C, Lima, $112,000

Mosley, Gary W/Mosley, Keena M to Phillips, Mary/Phillips, Stephen, 2463 Kirkland Drive, Lima, $175,000

Oberdier, Lauren S/Oberdier, Nancy L/Oberdier, Andrew Attorney In Fact to Shirebe, Moses/Mutuwa, Mercy, 112 Valley Way, Lima, $185,000


Three S Development Group, LLC to Heckman, Brandon R/Heckman, Alyssa R, 330 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $69,900


Brenneman, Regina D to Carpenter, Cassaundra A, 215 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $103,800

Hoffman, Michael J/Hoffman, Laura S/Schnipke, Laura S Fka to Carby, Todd, 706 Spencerville Ave., Delphos, $85,000


Kerns, Joshua C/Kerns, Meagan E to Stokes, James A/Stokes, Elizabeth C, 5106 Marciel Drive, Lima, $205,000

Shapter, Barbara J/Shapter, Barbara Jane Aka to King, Patricia J, 4862 Willow St., Lima, $162,000


Treglia, Tony J/Treglia, Carolyn M/Treglia, Matthew B Attorney In Fact to Warnock Farms, 7825 Bechtol Road, Lima, $150,000


Knauf, Sandra L/Knauf, Douglas/Brenneman, Jason B/Brenneman, Linda/Brenneman, James J/Brenneman, Elizabeth to Thompson Seed Farm, Inc., Bliss Road Ext: INGRESS/EGRESS EASEMENT, $399,000

Norbeck, Benjamin D/Norbeck, Sharon L to Ashby, H Charles/Ashby, Margaret Ann, Ft. Jennings Road, Delphos, $1,000

Robey, Steve M/Robey, Steve A.K.A./Robey, Pamela S/Robey, Pam A.K.A. to Bailey, Joshua M/Bailey, Charisse E, 6633-6677 Stadler Road, Lima, $54,000

Stewart, Joann M to Fisher, Donovan M/Fisher, Stephanie A, 5820 Redd Road, Delphos, $228,000


Pereira, Teresinha A to Williams, Aaron D/Williams, Kelly A, 9241 N. Bucher Road, Columbus Grove, $47,300


Deeds, David A/Deeds, Jenifer L to Deeds, Brandon, 5970 N. Napoleon Road, Lima, $60,000


Duff, Scott/Kessen, Ashley to Russell, Haley/Russell, Jacob, 2851 Oakwood Lane, Lima, $178,000

Layton, Cody M to Shafer, Logan Edward, 6207 Agerter Road Lima, $120,000

Reynolds, Gregory L/Reynolds, Tammy L to Schumann, Trudy, 3033 Lakeshore Drive, Lima, $420,000

Rex, James M to Rex, James S, 4137 Susan Lane, Lima, $110,000

Schoolcraft, Kylle S/Holmes, Kylee S Nka/Holmes, Cody to Crisp, Kierra L, 5190 New Haven Drive, Lima, $134,000

Shawnee Development, Ltd. to Vonderembse, Chad, 2734 Gaithersburg Drive, Lima, $45,000

Virtue, Robert D/Virtue, Cheryl B to Macke, Barbara M, 8A Mews Road, Lima, $246,000


Rohrbach, Jack A Trustee/Joseph A Rohrbach Irrevocable Trust to 5417 Properties, LLC, 531 & 533 School St., Spencerville, $153,000


Augustine, Andrew R/Augustine, Jacqueline K to Hardenbrook, James J/Hardenbrook, Lou M, 4770 Gomer Road, Lima, $260,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `41`90`77

Mortgage `81`111`73

Land contracts `0`2`0

Releases `24`124`172

Uniform commercial code `2`0`1

Terminations `6`0`1

Miscellaneous `32`51`48

Military discharges `0`0`1

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