Land transfers, April 1- 7

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Deeds `53`85`90

Mortgage `83`93`111

Land contracts `0`0`2

Releases `51`150`124

Uniform commercial code `0`0`0

Terminations `2`2`0

Miscellaneous `46`55`51

Military discharges `0`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 1 through April 7. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Caj Rentals Ltd. to Tripp, Sherman/Tripp, Karen, 512 Faurot Ave., Lima, $1,000

Craig, Mark L/Craig, Nancy S to Hawkins, Christopher J/Hawkins, Jessica N, 1128 State St., Lima, $193,400

Cruz, Ellis/Cruz, Melissa to Strahm, Amber N, 649 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $60,200

Dom & Pudge Real Estate, LLC to Abbys Property Rentals, 828 Richie Ave., Lima, $50,000

Handshoe, Terry to Brenneman, Ashlia A/Plaugher, Cassandra L, 170 S. Perry St., Lima, $16,000

Jones, Lamont T Sr/Jones, Lamonte T Sr A.K.A. to Johnson, Mark Jonathon, 1003 East Second St., Lima, $1,800

Jumpx Real Estate Investment LLC to Ameritrans Moving Co. L.L.C., 853 Richie Ave., Lima, $13,000

Kiefer, Kit L to Williams, Stacey/Williams, Jared, 1508 Latham Ave. Lima, $115,000

Lee, Lisa/Bolender, Charles/Lee, David to Property53, LLC, 718 Dingledine Ave., Lima, $15,000

Lee, Lisa/Lee, David to Property53, LLC, 904 Dingledine Ave., Lima, $15,000

Loser, Todd M/Loser, Sophia N to Cruz, Ellis/Cruz, Melissa, 1574 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $130,000

Mckown, Dirk/Mckown, Susan to Honey Run Investments LLC, 1209 W. High St., Lima, $53,000

Meloy, Barbara J to Abbys Property Rentals, 522-522 1/2 E. Eureka St., Lima, $44,000

Miller, Deborah to Morinda Petroleum LLC, 952 and 958 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima, $10,000

Mod Rentals Ltd to Trabanino, Cidia J, 901 Dingledine Ave., Lima, $25,000

Pester Investments, LLC to Malloy, Ryan/Malloy, Stephanie, 1723 Latham Ave., Lima, $89,000

Spyker Properties LLC to Honey Run Investments LLC, 420 N. Baxter St., Lima, $53,000

St. James Methodist Episcopal Church, Inc/ St. James Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Trustees/ Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Treasurer Evalyn M Shaffner to Part Time Properties LLC, 200 W. 7th St., Lima, $7,500

York Gate Properties, LLC to Smith, Amanda C/Lyle, Gayle A, 517 E. 4th St., Lima, $52,000


Miller, Madelyn S/Miller, Eugene to Dicus, Bryan, 2466 Grubb Rd., Lima, $135,600


Gaus, James A Jr/Gaus, Joanne to Morgan, Brian A/Morgan, Kelly J, 2970 Makley Dr., Lima, $117,000

Kurfess Hale, Ann/Hale, Ann Kurfess/Hale, Warren E to Hb1 Properties, LLC, 2275 North Cable Rd. Unit #66, Lima, $36,000

Messer, Danny C/Messer, Lori to Bradford, Cedric/Bradford, Della, 410 Glenwood Ave., Lima, $90,000

Murphy, Janet L/Mcpheron, Thomas J Attorney In Fact to Sanders, Roger L/Sanders, Carol S, 3756 Citabria Dr., Lima, $240,000

Sherrick, Matthew D/Mckinney, Patricia E to Broseke, Kayla, 1027 Sherman Ave., Lima, $69,100

Shook, David G/Groat, Linda A/Shook, Kevin L/Catell, Diana L/Cattell, Diana L Aka/Woods, Rebecca J/Shook, Barbara J/Woods, Lonnie L/Catell, Randall A/Cattell, Randall A Aka to Layman Investments, Ltd, 615 E. Main St., Elida, $102,000


Suarez, David/Suarez, Norma to Rodriguez, Aristides/Oganes, Andrea, McPheron Road, Lima, $23,000


Adams, Linda L to Dipietro, Anthony M/Dipietro, Maria M, 301 Fenway, Dr., Lima, $215,000

Degen, Susan C Trustee/Susan C Degen Trust to Degen, William J/Bicknell, Cassie, 1066 Fetter Rd., Lima, $245,000

Hunter, Denny G/Hunter, Bonnie L to Auto Connection Lima, LLC, 757 E. Robb Ave., Lima, $246,000

Lost Creek Offices, LLC to Brenner, Dalton V, 710 Saratoga Ave., Lima, $71,000

Johnston, Kenneth C to Miller, Cody, 3864 Sugar Creek Rd. Lima, $140,000

Parsons, Scott A/Parsons, Holly M to Hance, Ross A/Hance, Melissa K, 2760 Hadsell Rd., Lima, $337,500

Raesky, Mark A Successor Co-Trustee/Raesky, Kristen M Successor Co-Trustee/John B Raesky And Martha J Raesky Living Trust to Smith, Isaac J/Smith, Heidi M, 4466 N. West St., Lima, $164,500

Rone Properties, LLC to Bj Real Properties, LLC, 1304 Neubrecht Rd., Lima, $530,000

Spencer, Julia A to Mattevi, William A, 3853 Cambridge Place, Lima, $109,900

Wilkins, Ashley R/Daniels, Ashley R Nka/Daniels, Brandon Shane to Muter, Shawn R Ii, 733 Queensbury Dr., Lima, $219,900

Williams, Joyce B/Williams, Tony M Attorney In Fact to Garber, Darrell L/Garber, Elaine M, 4900 Sandusky Ave., Lima, $230,000


Teixeira, Cleidson S/Teixeira, Fernanda P to Stidham, Casey L/Mell, Kylee R, 656 S. Main St., Bluffton, $190,000


Lehmann, Chris F to Miller, Susan Michelle, 100 Michele Dr., Delphos, $119,500


Klink, Kelli R/Kendig, Kelli R Nka/Kendig, Mark H to Gerschutz, Nicholas A/Dicke, Gloria A, 2723 Lilly Dr., Lima, $189,000


Stewart, Joann M to Fisher, Donovan M/Fisher, Stephanie A, 5820 Redd Rd. Delphos, $228,000


Hartman, Warren Lee/Hartman, Charlotte J to Koch, Anthony D/Koch, Jason R/Koch, Aaron M, Slabtown Rd., Columbus Grove, $330,000

Robey, Steve M/Robey, Steve A.K.A./Robey, Pamela S/Robey, Pam A.K.A. to Bailey, Joshua M/Bailey, Charisse E, 6633-6677 Stadler Rd., Lima, $54,000


Burkheimer, Patricia Ann to Lehman Enterprises, LLC, 1100 S. Thayer Rd., Lima, $40,000

Emerick, Michael R/Emerick, E Anna to Dyer, Daphna/Dyer, Nathan, Clum Road, Lima, $8,500

Folk, Peggy J/Thorne, Gerald L to Kline, James E/Kline, Kimberly E, 2648 E. Breese Rd., Lima, $202,000

Gray, Sharon K to Stombaugh, Robert L/Stombaugh, Diane E, 90.989 ac, Kerr Rd., Lima, $498,200

Gray, Sharon K to Stombaugh, Scott A, 104.143 ac, St. Johns Rd., Lima, $612,600

Gray, Sharon K to Mcpheron, Daniel P/Mcpheron, Amber K, 19.15 ac., St. Johns Rd., Lima, $105,700


Ewing, Christopher C/Ewing, Anna E to Cuevas, Daniel/Cuevas, Kristina/Cuevas, Tyler L, 9999 Columbus Grove-Bluffton Road, Bluffton, $182,000

Stechschulte, George/Stechschulte, Teresa to Dunlap, Kathi/Dunlap, Vern, 8900 N. Dixie Dr., Bluffton, $109,000


Herschler, Eric Karl/Herschler, Heather Marie to Fischbach, Cole/Reindel, Nicole L, 4011 Magnolia St., Lima, $185,500

Janet L Sarno Living Trust/ Sarno, William M Trustee to St Clair, Corey, 2854 Riverwalk Dr., Lima, $180,000

Lbc Investments, LLC to Adams, Linda, 3503 Camden Place, Lima, $230,000

Pittman, Kenneth R to Fox, Veronica B, 5149 Norfolk St., Lima, $42,200

Pruitt, Mary A/Pruitt, Jacque L/Batic, Jacqueline M/Batic, Nicholas E to Pryor, George A, 3072 W. Hume Rd., Lima, $620,000

Violet, Robert W/Violet, Deborah S to Calvelage, Chad J/Calvelage, Kaitlin M, 4737 Beeler Rd., Lima, $500,000


Fuzz Dee Cardinal, LLC to Krites, Cheryl A Trustee/Etzkorn, Timothy J Trustee/Etzkorn Irrevocable Trust, Kill Road, Delphos, $125,200

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `53`85`90

Mortgage `83`93`111

Land contracts `0`0`2

Releases `51`150`124

Uniform commercial code `0`0`0

Terminations `2`2`0

Miscellaneous `46`55`51

Military discharges `0`0`0

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